For most Americans, their weight and appearance is there #1 problem. Does that hold true with you? If so, continue reading. Let's start by stating that you can't choose where you lose weight; "I want to lose weight from my mid-section" will never work. You must lose weight ALL OVER your body.

Let's get to the get to the tips!

Tip #1. Cardio before your first meal is the best use of your time. Right after you wake up, do 15-20 minutes of moderate cardio. (nothing too intense, don't want to pass out!) Allow me to explain how it works: when you wakeup, you have been 'fasting' for 8 hours. This means that this is the optimal time to lose weight. If you do cardio any other part of the day, you are simply burning the food you ate that day. If you do cardio after a 'fast', you burn fat DIRECTLY FROM YOUR FAT DEPOSITS. You will be burning fat cells, instead of your un-digested food.

Tip #2. Obvious, and...DUH! Drink plenty of water. Most people overlook this.. I'm not going to put a maximum/minimum amount, because everybody is different. The best thing to do is buy one of those 1-gallon jugs full of water, and drink that through the day. Aim to drink the whole gallon, and try to fill it up and drink more!

Tip #3. Don't eat after 7 P.M. I'll explain. If you eat that late at night, you will not get a chance to burn those calories and carbs off; thus, turning to fat. Simple enough right?

Use these tips, along with a good diet and workout plan, You Are Set! I am not going to guarantee you will have amazing results without trying, but, it does work if you stick to it! If you follow these tips and still not seeing results, try to do cardio again at night before your last meal (dinner..). If you STILL don't see results, try supplements. Beware, there are a lot of 'junk supplements', but, if you find a good one, stick with it! Again, supplements work differently for different people. For instance, I can't take Brand A because it makes me sick, but Brand B does the charm.. How did I figure this out? Trial and error! I wish you  luck attaining your goals, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!