Fat Loss 4 Idiots


-easy to follow
-no counting calories
-the plan tells you what to eat
My favourite pro:
-diet access membership is a lifetime membership so you can do this diet as often as you need to. Perfect for getting trim for a vacation or getting back to size after a holdiday!


-slightly restrictive
-funny food combinations
-it can take time to get used to drinking so much water

Full Review

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet is a calorie shifting diet plan with three options:

1. The Diet Generator
2. The 10 Rules of Fat Loss
3. Beyond Calories (for an extra fee)

So far, I've tried two of the three options. I purchased the basic plan for $39 US and it came with a money-back guarantee which helped seal the deal for me because it felt like a no-lose scenario. The plan included lifetime membership which gives me secure access to the diet generator which is a program that provides the 11 day meal plans customised to your food choices.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiot diet suggests you can lose up to 9 pounds every 11 days by following one of their plans. This isn't a low carb or a starvation diet. What it does is trick your metabolism by rotating calories and proteins/carbs and in between cycles you have 3 days of eating whatever you want which does two things:

1. It enhances your metabolism and prevents a plateau (which can be a big problem with many diets)
2. It gives you the chance to cheat on the diet which can help you continue with the plan.

The Beyond Calories plan is purchased separately but is an accelerated plan where you eat 6 small high satiety meals a day for ten days followed by a 3 day cheat cycle.

My experience with the Diet Generator was good. You can chose up to 30 foods that rotate through the eleven days and you get an e-book as well that tells you how to follow the plan and optimise its' success.

I ate 4 times a day and drank 10 glasses of water as often as possible. Exercise was optional so on some days I exercised and other days I didn't. There weren't a lot of carbs besides fruit and vegetable with a few treats (like fruit salad or frozen yogurt.) Some of the meal combinations were sort of strange but you didn't have to eat every food suggested in a meal and you could eat your 4 meals in any preferred order.

The verdict: 7.5 pounds in 11 days round one, 5 pounds in round two via the diet generator.

As I write this, I'm now doing a modified version for round three where I follow the ten rules in the diet ebook (about drinking water, how not to prepare food, how to shop for food, eat out, etc) for 11 days and then have three cheat days.

I believe this diet works. I have seen it work first hand and I've seen results in weight loss forums where people discuss their progress and report on their losses with before and after photos. Part way through you're aching for your cheat days but then when they arrive, you're so impressed with your losses you don't want to gain it all back. I did gain a little on cheat days but it quickly came off when starting a new cycle.

What's important is discipline but finding a great weight loss support forum can help with that. ( Doing a search for Fat Loss 4 Idiots forums can help you find a forum that you can join) Having a support group who's doing the diet along with you can make all the difference in the world and those who join a forum are shown as less likely to request a refund. While the diet has a money back guarantee it's shown that most who refund don't do the diet for the full 11 days. It does take some disclipline but because you can eat 4 meals a day in satisfiable portions and because you can look forward to 3 days of beneficial cheating, it's very doable!

The forums can also provide diet recipe tips and other guidance since the program doesn't come supported so if you have questions, you're on your own except for finding others who have experience with the diet plan.

I've chronicled a lot of information I've gathered on a blog called Trick Your Metabolism where I have done an 11 day diet diary as well as listed tips, recipes, substitutions, and FAQ about the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet.

I definitely give this one a thumbs up and it was $39 well spent!

In Closing

In closing, I'd suggest this plan to anyone who wants to try it since it is inexpensive and easy to follow. I also suggest you find an online support group so that you can have help if you have questions and get support to keep going when you're tempted.