Kettlebells can be used for multiple purposes, but here I will present some kettlebell workout routines that are extremely effective for fat loss. One of the biggest keys to making a workout burn a lot of fat is to get the heart rate and breathing rate up. Breathing heavily, although not very fun at the time, is necessary to burn fat as the fatty acids in the blood stream need to be oxidized; thus oxygen consumption is very important. A lot of heavy breathing results in a lot of oxygen beings taken in during the workout, and this is what will burn a lot of fat.

Fat loss kettlebell workout routines don’t need to be complex; there are many simple set-ups that can be absolutely brutal to perform. For example:


Fat Loss Workout #1

10 kettlebell swings, 1 push-up, 10 swings, 2 push-ups, …., 10 swings, 10 push-ups



Keep in mind these swings can be done with one bell or two, and if using two, perform the push-ups with hands on the handles of the kettlebells. Performing push-ups in this manner (with neutral wrist position) is generally better for the wrists, elbows, and shoulders.

Minimal rest should be taken at all times, preferably going through all the reps without resting at all. For those that are less mathematically-inclined, that’s 100 swings and 55 push-ups, performed in (preferably) under 15 minutes. That’s a lot of work and also a fantastic way to burn off some body fat.

While it’s definitely important to keep moving throughout a fat loss kettlebell workout in order to achieve the best results, it’s also imperative that exercises are chosen intelligently. Choosing an exercise that keeps the body moving isn’t enough: it should pose enough of a challenge that the workout acts as an effective strength stimulus at the same time. A young and in-shape fitness enthusiast would likely be breathing hard after a set of swings and 12” box step-ups, but are those step-ups posing any strength challenge whatsoever? Not likely. While they would keep the person moving and breathing heavier than normal, they wouldn’t do anything to develop additional strength.

Thus, in the swing and push-up workout above, adding weight to the push-up would be advised if the person can get through the whole workout without too much of a problem.

Swings, being as powerful as they are, should be included in nearly every fat loss kettlebell workout. It’s almost impossible to do “too many” of them, so there’s no harm in including them since they do such a great job of getting the heart rate up.

Here’s another great kettlebell fat loss workout with swings and push-ups:


Fat Loss Workout #2

 Swings for 20 seconds, 5 push-ups, 30 seconds rest. Repeat for 15 minutes.


If by the end of that workout the push-ups are still easy, consider adding weight or reps the next time.

Here are two more powerful fat loss kettlebell combinations:


Fat Loss Workout #3

Using 2 kettlebells:

10 swings, walk 30 steps, 10 goblet squats, walk 30 steps

10 swings, walk 30 steps, 9 goblet squats, walk 30 steps

Continue down to 1 goblet squat.


Fat Loss Workout #4

Using 1 or 2 kettlebells. Start at the top of the minute.

5 swings, 1 push-up, rest the remainder of the minute.

10 swings, 2 push-ups, rest remainder of the minute.

5 swings, 3 push-ups, rest remainder of the minute.

10 …, 4…., rest

5 …, 5…, rest

All the way up to 10 swings and 10 push-ups.

Here, alternating between sets of 5 and 10 swings will provide a very small bit of additional rest. Feel free to make all sets of swings 10 after successfully completing this version.


Give these fat loss kettlebell workouts a try! With additional proper nutrition and strength training, they will provide all the additional fat loss anyone would need.