In this article you will find the top 30 fat burning foods that eliminate fat and that will make you leaner and healthier

Foods fat-burning-foods-listthat burn fat come in really handy when you want to lower your body fat percentage and get leaner. Of course you also have to exercise, but fat burning foods make it a little bit easier.

Here is the fat burning foods list - use it to scorch away fat:

Fat burning foods list - top 30

  • Celery - Chops some celery, carrots and cucumber and keep it in your lunch box to snack on

  • Cauliflower -Your meals should include cauliflower on a regular basis

  • Lettuce - Lettuces of all kinds will help you burn away fat

  • Cucumber

  • Apples - An apple a day keeps the doctor and the fat away

  • Berries - Berries are a great addition to smoothies and salads
  • Broccoli - Have broccoli regularly with your meals

  • Carrots - Carrots are good for your waistline and your eyes

  • Lemons - Cooking with lemon juice is a great way to cut fat

  • Mangoes - Mangoes makes another great snack

  • Pineapple - Pineapples are also excellent and yummy to snack on

  • Ice cold water - Your body burns calories to heat the water - helping you burn fat

  • Green tea - Aim to have at least one cup of green tea a day

  • Morning cup of coffee - Your first cup of coffee speeds up your metabolism

  • Fat free yogurt - Have one small tub of yogurt each day

  • Low fat/reduced fat cheese - Include these cheese regularly in your diet

  • Skinless chicken fillets - Make skinless chicken fillets and fish your main sources of protein

  • Oily and other fish - Have at least 2 servings of oily fish per week and 2 servings of other fish.

  • Grapefruit - Grapefruit are great to snack on

  • Cinnamon - Add cinnamon to your meals and some of your drinks

  • Chilies - Cook regularly will chilies to boost your metabolism and help you to scorch away fat.

  • Spinach - Be sure to add spinach to most of your meals

  • Baby potatoes and sweet potatoes - Boil, roast or bake them

  • Seeded and health breads - These types of breads should be the ones you eat most often

  • Beans and other pulses - Include beans in your meals regularly

  • Almonds - Have no more than 12 almonds a day, as they are still high in fat

  • Whole-wheat pasta - You should try to stick to whole-wheat pasta if you can

  • Olives - Olives and avocados are high in healthy fast

  • Avocados

  • Oat meal (oats) - Start your day the right way - with a bowl of oats

Just include these excellent fat burning foods in your diet and you will start to lose fat, sooner or later. And remember for best results, you should also exercise on a regular basis.