Wedding Songs

Father daughter wedding songs are more important than you think. There is something truly special about giving away your little girl when she finds someone special that she truly loves. So, the question is…what are a few great father-daughter songs for you to both dance to? True, you can pick plenty of different ones…but sometimes a few ideas never hurts! After all—you don’t want the same song as everyone else; that would be embarrassing.

“Isn’t She Lovely?”, Stevie Wonder, Songs in the Key of Life, 1976

“Isn’t she lovely? Isn’t she wonderful?” This pick on the father daughter weddings songs list is an extremely popular song—and a great song. It talks of how special your little girl is to you—even as she gets older and starts to spread her wings. This is a beautiful song and has been covered many, many times—if you find that Stevie Wonder isn’t really your style, then instead, you can simply look for a wide variety of covers that do this song justice.

“Butterfly Kisses”, Bob Carlisle, Shades of Grace, 1997

“There are two things I know for sure…” This song is about being thankful for your daughter—and all of the little things that she does that reminds you of how lucky you are to have your little girl. This is also a way to show your little girl how much she means to you after you give her away—and to remind her that, ring or no ring, you’re still her daddy and you still love her very much. A great pick on the father-daughter, wedding songs list. It is considered a contemporary Christian song, too, if that makes any difference.

“Unforgettable”, Nat King Cole, The ULTIMATE Collection

“Unforgettable…” This pick on the father daughter wedding songs list talks about how important the memories you share as father and daughter are. Let’s face it—there are memories that little girls will never forget…and that fathers will never forget. Let’s face it—fathers and daughters DO have a special bond, even if it’s a bit strained during the teenage years. Keep this in mind…after all, when you get ready to get married or your dad gets ready to let you go, you’re giving up the opportunity to make daily memories. So, make the most of it by picking an absolutely beautiful song to dance to!

“Sweet Child of Mine”, Guns n Roses, Appetite for Destructions, 1987

“Her hair reminds me of a warm place where as a child, I died. And prayed for the rain and the showers to quietly pass me by.” This song is about the death of childhood—and seeing it relived in a child that you love and care about. This is perfect not only for dads and daughters, but for sons and moms as well. This is a great entry for the father daughter wedding songs list! Not to mention that if you aren’t into soft rock or anything like that, this is a perfect alternative.

“Wind Beneath My Wings”, Bette Midler, Diva Las Vegas, 2000

“It must have been cold there in my shadow…” This father daughter wedding songs pick is based on the support that a father gives his daughter. Let’s face it—sometimes things aren’t doing so great, but your dad is ALWAYS there to support you and show you how much he loves and cares about you…no matter what decisions you make!

“You’ll Be In My Heart”, Elton John, Tarzan Soundtrack, 1996

“Just take my hand, I’ll hold you tight”. This song is a great father daughter wedding songs pick because it’s about protecting your child. This is something that fathers do for years and years—and then it turns into her husband’s job. There’s a reason that this made its way into Tarzan’s soundtrack—it was a perfect symbol of how much Kala cared about Tarzan…and a perfect symbol of how your father has cared for you for years and years.

“The Best Day”, Taylor Swift, Fearless

“I’m five years old…” This is a good pick for both parents, but also works for father-daughter wedding songs. This is a sweet song about how your parents help you out through all of the tough times—even when you aren’t sure if anything is EVER going to work out—and bring you back, ripping and raring to go and have everything work out. A newer, beautiful song.

“Save the Last Dance for Me”, Michael Buble, It’s Time

“You can dance…you can dance with every guy that gives you the eye…” This is a sweet song that has a light-hearted tone and is perfect for father daughter wedding songs because it has a silly edge to it. Let’s face it—you can listen to crooning country songs…which aren’t bad, but they do get old fast, or you can listen to something lighthearted and upbeat.

“I Loved Her First”, Heartland, I Loved Her First

“Look at you two dancing that way…” This is a favorite among father daughter weddings songs, simply because it speaks of how much a father cares about his little girl both before and after she gets married…and a bit of empty-nest syndrome. This is perfect for anyone looking for something soft, twangy, but still an extremely pretty and melodic song. This is a classic and rarely has a problem making the whole room cry. A great song.

 “There Goes My Life”, Kenny Chesney,

“There goes my life. There goes my future.” This song talks about raising your child only to see her go off into the world. It’s a beautiful song that takes you from birth to her leaving. It might not be the happiest song, but it’s definitely a great one and definitely shows how it feels to give away your daughter to someone who she loves and trusts enough to marry. A perfect addition to this list of father daughter wedding songs.

These are just a few songs that you might want to check into for your father-daughter wedding songs.