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My father did have time to prepare for this sad ending so let the father eulogy begin. He had time to prepare because he was surrounded by many of us who were important to him throughout his life. When you have to write a father eulogy you will be describing the man who was also a father, a man with a family, a friend with his own life and yet a life separate from his family but may have also been a son and a grandfather too. The father eulogy should celebrate his traits and the wonderful things about his life so that many people listening will understand why they will miss him in their lives.   

Tip 1) Introduce Him To Those Who Don’t Know Him Well Like You Do

Not every one attending a funeral will know the deceased well. They may not know his life was full of love because they are a co-worker or a member of part of an extended family that doesn’t get together very often. The purpose of a father eulogy is to tell the listeners what you want them to know about your wonderful father. Perhaps as a special tribute in your father eulogy you can include what you would say to him if you could tell him just one more thing then talk on that as a key point.

Tip 2) Make Him Come Alive In Their Minds As He Is In Yours

Just as you loved your father in life your father eulogy should make the man they can no longer get to know better come alive as you speak about this man, father, son and even grandfather. To do this you can:

  • Quote from his favorite reading material even if it is a sports magazine
  • Tell a tale about a special loving time you really shared together and always kept secret
  • Quote something meaningful and important they said in life that you have never forgotten which when repeated will always recall his face

Tip 3) Honor Him, Do Not Mourn Him

When planning a father eulogy you must remember not to convey your own personal loss. The purpose of a father eulogy is to convey key points about the man and his life. Do not write the eulogy from the viewpoint of how you are grieving for him but instead write the eulogy honoring his life.

Tip 4) My Amazing Dad

If your dad served time in the armed forces honoring his country and he often related funny or positive stories about this period of time in his life then make one of the key points in your father eulogy about the time he spent serving in the military. To many men this was a maturing period and if you don’t know much about this time period then make a point to learn more about your dad here. Then convey that information to your listeners. After all, your dad was amazing so raise the roof with that knowledge.

Tip 5) His Life Was Full Of Love

To make your father eulogy come alive for your audience you must convey how much love he had for his wife and family. You can do this by:

  • Talking to other family members for their input especially if they have a special memory they want you to include in the father eulogy
  • Paint a picture of your loving home life and the way he showed his love for you, your siblings and your mother. Fill the room with love.

Tip 6) So Many Accomplishments

A father eulogy should tell the world that you, the father eulogy writer, are humbled by all that this man accomplished. It can include memories of times when he felt he had accomplished everything he had set out to do in his life. These memories may be his desire to bowl a perfect 300 but they can also hit upon the number of sales he achieved in his best year. So your father eulogy can include humor, delights and important life accomplishments such as having wonderful children and a fulfilled life.

Tip 7) Engaged, Caring And Loving

Take some words to talk about how he inspired you as his son or daughter or even grandchild. Fill out the outline of his life with how he would become engaged in a person’s life story and what it may have inspired him to do about it like do some work for Habitat for Humanity or other charities. Convey his way of caring and share that with your audience in your father eulogy.

Tip 8) A Father Figure To Many

One area you can cover in your father eulogy is how he was a father figure not just to you and your family but also to other people he encountered in life. Perhaps he was a Boy Scout troop leader and the scouts regularly turned to him for advice even after they outgrew the scouts. Perhaps he was a mentor to an underprivileged group of boys then paint with your own words how he enriched their lives. If possible give some specific examples here.

Tip 9) Always There

A father eulogy should be a moving tribute to your father’s life. One thing that is important to many sons and daughters is that their father was always there for them. It didn’t matter whether the thing bothering you was a bee sting or one of the world’s major issues in a small child’s mind he was always there to listen and give comfort.

Tip 10) Those Wonderful Traits That We Will Miss A Lot

When outlining this eulogy you will need to remember that you need to convey to the listeners some of the many things such as the good traits he had that the listeners will think back to whenever a thought of something flits through their mind. For example if he loved going bird watching then tell the audience a tale about a special bird trip so every time they see a bird they remember him and your father eulogy.