Father's day and finding that special gift is an ongoing problem as people age. The men who are reaching retirement age or are already on a retirement pension usually have the things they need in life.And to be honest they get sick of the old socks and shaving gear year after year.Why not think outside the normal.




Times are getting tougher and harder to meet the weekly commitments. So why not help out with this problem.I know that the ideal gift is a present that you can wrap and give to your loved one, but then if he has everything, we need to try another angle.






Pay an account










If he is battling, could you pay one of his smaller bills for him?I am sure he would appreciate it.And if the wrapping part is worrying you then wrap the receipt up in a little box and present it to him.I bet it would even produce a laugh from the old dear.




Shout him to the movies










Many people especially if they are living on their own would love to be taken to the movies and would probably love the company even more so.









Take him out for a meal










No I don't mean a full scale expensive meal.You could make it something simple like a trip to the park and have a picnic lunch with the grandkids. That' if he can stand the noise and the hectic pace of the kids racing about him.Although he may love their company more than you realize if he hasn't seen them very often.




Gift baskets or box








No! Do not ring up and order one of those online types of gift baskets.Decorate a box, then go to your local supermarket and find some interesting products of food that he would not normally be able to afford or stretch his pension to buying for himself. Many pensioners go without those little things so as to pay their increasing electricity bills.




Wine or spirits










Why not buy a few of those tiny bottles of spirits that you see in the liquor stores.You could choose something like a whiskey, brandy, port, or anything that you know he likes.Then again a nice bottle of Port would not go astray to keep him warm on a winter night. (That depends on which country you live in)




House cleaner










I know this does not sound like the ideal Fathers Day Gift but if he is living on his own, why not organize a spring clean for his home.It may give him a bit of a lift and at the same time if you find a lady of similar age, it could lead to them becoming good friends, he may enjoy some fresh company.














Does your Dad have a hobby? Buy something that he can use in relation to this.It could be a tool or pattern or something he does not have.














Does your father collect things like stamps, replica cars, and autographed articles?There may be something that you could find which he has not yet collected.Checkout eBay, they often have collector articles in their auctions.




Mad Sports lover








Buy him a ticket to his favorite game.Better still go to the game with him and celebrate together. Buy him one of his favorite clubs memorabilia articles, preferably autographed if possible.It can be a small flag or something similar.




Hammock to relax in


Have you a couple of trees in the back yard where you could hang a hammock for you father to relax in. If not there are ways to fix hammocks to a wall and ceiling on the back verandah. Whichever way you hang it, the main thing is that this gift will give him the chance to enjoy his Fathers Day gift by being able to relax.


Music lover










Buy him a DVD of his favorite music or a DVD of one of the latest movies.


If you are still stuck for an idea, why not ask him what he would really like or what he would love to do on this Fathers Day.










Whatever you buy your father or grandfather this Fathers Day. Make sure that you tell him how much you love him so he knows.Do not leave it until it is too late to share your feelings openly and honestly with him.




If for some reason you have not got on well with him in recent years, then make a very special effort and patch up your differences.We are all a little stubborn at times, make allowances, and see if you can change the past and look forward to a better brighter way of sharing a Happy Father's Day in future.





















A Fathers Day gift does not have to cost the world.It should be something that comes from the heart, something that will give the receiver and the giver pleasure.It is the thought behind the giving that counts, not the price or cost of it.