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June 17th is almost upon us; that time of the year that we give honor to our Father.   For every Dad in your life there should be a gift that speaks to who he is.  There are so many great gift ideas for Father’s Day that you could spend all year trying to pick one out.  If you need a little help then you’ve come to the right place.  Depending on the interest of the “Father” in your life, you can make this holiday a memorable one.  Below are some of the amazing gifts that are available this year.

1.      The Experience.  If your dad loves adventure then give him an experience for Father’s Day.  Some of the amazing experiences available are skydiving adventures,  race car driving experience, private golf lessons, rafting and zip lining, and numerous others.  This is the type of gift that your Dad won’t soon forget.  You can even buy two experiences and tag along.

2.      The Escape.  Is Dad in need of a vacation, but you’re on a limited budget?  You can send your Dad on an overnight excursion using Livingsocial.com frugally.  Some of the vacations available at the site are:

a.        Cocoa Beach, FL-Two Nights-$190

b.      Niagara Falls, Overnight Stay-$129

c.       Desert Hot Springs, CA-Overnight-$129


  These trips and many others are available to send your dad somewhere so that he can sit back relax, and enjoy himself.  He will return feeling like a new man.   We all know that every father deserves a break sometimes.

3.      Gifts by the Month.  If your dad is a beer or wine connoisseur, then a membership to the Beer or Wine of the Month club would be perfect for him.  These services provide dad with a different bottle of wine or beer each month to try.  Dad may find some new favorites and his spirits will definitely be lifted.

4.      Gift Baskets.  So many wonderful presents can be packed into a gift basket.  Depending on your Father’s taste; you can spend a little and your gift basket will say a lot.  This is the place for a couple of nice ties, golf balls, a bottle of wine, colognes, and some of his favorite dvd’s.   This gift is limited only by your imagination.  So go ahead and fill this basket up with all the love you have for that special man.

5.      Books/E-Reader.  If your dad loves to read then finding him some good books can brighten his day.  Look for his favorite author or find a new author that you think he might like and purchase a couple of books.  Now, if dad is into technology you may want to purchase him an E-Reader.   The Kindle or Nook will put all of dad’s reading material at his fingertips.  No matter where he goes or what he’s doing; every time he takes out that new E-Reader, he will be reminded of how thoughtful you are.

Any gift that you find for Dad is sure to be appreciated.  This year put a little thought into Father’s Day.   Show him how much he truly means to you.  We only have one day a year that is carved out for the Father in our lives, but everyday should be a reminder to us of how much he has done.  Remember, while you are spending time with your dad on June 17th, there are many others who have lost their father and will not have that opportunity.  And to all Dads; Happy Father’s Day!!!