IFaux Stained Glass Window Film(120669)Credit: Amazon.comf you have a window, that maybe stares at your neighbour’s wall, or their porch, or simply does nothing for the room, then consider stained glass window film.

This is an affordable way to get privacy yet still let in some light while looking like beautiful stained glass. 

We have a bathroom window that just happens to be in the tub area of our 50s style bungalow we just purchased.  Until the day comes that we can afford a gut renovation in this room, we have to simply deal with the fact this window was never frosted.

It had been recently replaced, and is a beautiful tall window, with one problem.. it is clear!

So, if you are a guy then maybe this was OK, but for a woman, unless you planned on giving the neighbours a thrill you need to do something with a window like this.

You could hang a curtain, but in a shower/tub area with glass doors, the shower style curtain takes up too much room, and you end up tangled in it.

You could get a frosting kit.  This works but takes time and needs to be left to set, and in a house with one bathroom and one shower/tub, this was not a practical idea.

As I was shopping for ideas, I came across this product called faux stained glass window film.  It came in many beautiful designs, everything from bamboo to magnolias.

It was a great way to not only protect yourself and your neighbours from seeing too much, but it also added to the room’s décor quite nicely.Faux Stained Glass Window FilmCredit: Amazon.com

The best part is it is so easy to install.  I thought it was going to be a peel and stick item that would never come off again, but it simply sticks to the window with water.

It can be removed anytime you want or adjusted.  It is perfect and you don’t need much in the way of tools.

Here is what you will need:

 Faux Stained Glass Window Film

Spray bottle of clean water

A wooden ruler or paint stick or something with a hard edge to help get rid of air bubbles

Scissors to cut the window film to size.

Method to install stained glass window film:

Measure the glass area of your window that you want to privatize.

Spray the window with water and get it good and wet.

Peel the backing off your film, and then starting at the top of the window place the film on the window, working your way down the window until you are finished.

Take the wooden stick or ruler and slide it down and out to the sides to get rid of any air bubbles.

You are done!

Personally I did not get many bubbles, but went over the glass to make sure there was no air between the film and the window.  You can lift a corner and adjust it if you need to or trim off more if you need to.  It is not a sticky backed film.

It is a beautiful way to get the privacy you are looking for, as well as beautify the room.  I personally think it looks better than that basic frosting that is done on the windows. 

It is an affordable way to let in the light, decorate the room, and enjoy some privacy and it can be done in minutes.