Faux taxidermy is a modern interpretation of a decor classic. Instead of actually mounting the heads or bodies of real animals, faux taxidermy utilizes synthetics, ceramics, or resin to create highly detailed "faux" versions. It's a cruelty-free way to make a design impact in your home or den. Here you'll find excellent information on faux taxidermy, including where to buy one of these amazing pieces.

faux taxidermy_5What Is Taxidermy?

The definition of taxidermy is rather simple, but the opinions on it are very complex. Taxidermy is, in application, the mounting of dead animals for display or design purposes. It's a practice that can be done on all vertebrates, from reptiles to mammals. While many people see taxidermy as a form of 3D art, others see it as an expression of animal cruelty. No matter your opinion, it can't be denied that taxidermy is now a hot design trend, especially with the rise in rustic interior design. It brings a sense of adventure and grandeur to any room.

Faux Taxidermy And The Cruelty-Free Rustic Vibe

Faux taxidermy offers a unique solution to the cruelty issue many people have with traditional taxidermy. In practice, faux taxidermy creates realistic looking, highly detailed models of animal heads and bodies. It uses ceramics, synthetics or resins to create these amazing works of art. There is no animal cruelty, as every detail is inspired by photos, video and physical measurements.

Faux Taxidermy As Classic Or Modern Artfaux taxidermy_1

Faux taxidermy mounted heads are the most often found pieces in terms of general home decor. Some pieces try to capture the feeling of the real animal: an artist paints the piece and even attaches faux fur to make it look as realistic as possible. This type of faux taxidermy is perfect for a country-styled home, den, or lodge where the realistic feel fits right in.

A popular twist for modern home design is faux taxidermy which either keeps the natural colors of the materials from which it is made or is painted white or faux taxidermy_3another neutral tone. This gives a very natural, simple, and clean look to the faux taxidermy which fits very well with many current interior designs. And yet, it still makes a major impact on any room in which they are added. It's impossible to overlook these pieces.

Still other faux taxidermy heads are painted in vivid colors. This turns farm chic upside-down, adding a pop-art flair to any room. While not for everyone, these pieces are certainly eye-catchers. If you are looking for the unique, there are few things that beat this style. 

Faux Taxidermy Prices And Where To Buy

Faux taxidermy is much less expensive than traditional taxidermy, with many pieces ranging from only $100 - $200. A good place to purchase is through Amazon.com. The online retailer has many faux taxidermy animal heads for sale in this price range, including both neutral white and vibrant color versions. Plus, using Amazon makes it much easier to get that larger (and heavy) faux taxidermy piece back to your home without you having to lift a finger.