Using blinds to dress your windows, your choices are without limits. Faux wood blinds are only one of the numerous options but unfortunately many don't know much about them. Those who are fans of wood furnishings and blinds often enjoy the appearance of a natural and modern look. Nowadays there is no need to get the real thing when the imitation could even be better. There are a few good reasons that faux wood might actually be a more convenient choice than actual wood. Let's take a closer look at the materials, the cost and maintenance of faux wood compared to natural wooden blinds.

When you examine the two next to each other it's hard to tell which one is real and which one is imitation. The fake one is made from polyvinyl synthetic materials. This can look extremely natural and very convincible. They can also be stained with any of the wood finishing you desire whether you want dark oak or light pine. Painted white the slats will still look like real wood. So from the appearance's standpoint it can pass as wood. With all the different finishes you can match these blinds with any kind of wood you already have in your home.

The cost is another big plus for faux wood. They are much cheaper than the real thing and considering the economical world we are living in today this is a very important point. You can save anywhere between 40-50%. No one can ever tell that your blinds are not natural and it wouldn't matter because they will surely look like they are.

Wood might be favorable and if it was less expensive then maybe everyone would prefer that but what about maintenance? Wood always needs special care in order to last and look its best. You also have to consider strong sunshine which can cause them some damage. On the other hand faux wood is very easy to clean. You can use water to spray and wipe everyday if you like. Their durability is top notch.

Whenever you think about getting any type of covers for a window faux wood blinds are always a great choice whether for a room in the house or an office. You can save even more if you install them yourself because they are very easy to install and run extremely smooth. Just put them up and be prepared for a lot of complements. No one will ever suspect anything.