Football movies are very popular. There are hundreds if not thousands of football related movies. Football movies are my favorite genre of movies. Here are a few of my favorite football movies.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is based on the book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream. The movie is based on the true story of 1988 Permian Panthers high school football team from Odessa Texas.

This football movie has been criticized because of the dramatic character situations that were not based on fact and also for the many errors such as the uniforms are the wrong colors. The movie its self however accurately depicts what life was like in Odessa during the 1980's.

Brians Song

A remake of Brians Song was made but the original 1971 classic is still better. Brians Song is based on the true story of a white football player who who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and his friendship with Gale Sayers. A black football player.

The Best Of Times

Kurt Russel and Robin Williams stars in this football comedy classic. Kurt Russels character was the star quarterback of his high school team. 13 years prior they lost a game to their arch rival. 13 years later the game is replayed with the same guys who played in the original game.

For anyone that knows a guy Like Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite who always regrets a bad play in a high school football game from years ago then this football movie is one to watch. This movie is not really inspirational, just amusing.

Junction Boys

The Junction Boys is my all time favorite football movie. This football movie is based on Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant's first year of coaching at Texas A&M University. This football movie is unique as it does not show a single football game being played..

Coach Bear Bryant is hired as head coach. All of the returning players are starstruck when they hear the news and think that they will now be contenders and start winning games. When the players return to campus at the start of the year Coach Bryant calls a meeting. He tells all of them to go board a bus. He does not tell them where they are going.

The buses head to Junction Texas. In Junction Coach Bear Bryant pushes the boys to extremes that would get a coach arrested now days. Many of the players quit or got inured. The players that made it through came to be called "Survivors".

The Junction Boy survivors still meet every 5 years to have a reunion,

Jerry Maguire

Most women love this movie and many guys dislike the movie and call it a "chick flick". Yes, it is definitely a chick flick but it's also a movie many guys should like. What foot ball fan would not like to be a sports agent. What guy would not love to tell of their boss and start their own business.

Memorable lines in the movie include:

  • "Show Me The Money"
  • "You had me at hello!"

The Longshots

The Longshots is a biographical movie based on the real life of Jasmine Plummer. Jasmine Plummer is the first person to play in the Pop Warner football tournament.

Even if your family normally does not like football movies this one is the exception. The movies stars Ice Cube and directed by Fred Durst of the band Limp Bizkit.

Ice Cube plays Curtis Plummer. An unemployed loser. Curtis notices the talent that his niece Jasmine has. He begins to work with her and finally convinces the coach to let her on the team. The coach keeps her benched but when the starting quarterback is took out of the game Jasmine steps in to play quarterback.

Her performance is so impressive that the team keeps using her as the quarterback. There is much more than just football in this movie. Jasmine father is never around and Curtis steps in as a father figure.


Cuba Gooding Junior stars as "Radio" in this football movie that is based on a true story. James Robert Kennedy is mentally challenged and always carries a radio with him thus the nick name of "Radio". This is a football movie but it is so much more.

James "Radio" Kennedy still is alive and helps coach the high school team that is feature in this true story.

The Slaughter Rule

This movie consists of playing 6 man football. 6 Man football is awesome. No known movies exist about 6 man football except "The Slaughter Rule." A great coming of age movie that takes place in Montana.

We Are Marshall

Based on the true story of the football team that died in a plane crash. This movie shows how they began to rebuild their football team from the ground up. This is a football movie that your wife will definitely watch with you because Matthew Mcconaughey plays the lead role. He looks awesome in his 70s era suits.

The Express

The Express is based on Ernie Davis who was the first black man to win the Heisman Trophy.


No list of football movies is complete without "Rudy". Rudy is the iconic story of a true underdog who was able to achieve his dream of playing football for Notre Dame through hard work. Rudy is the favorite football movie of most people.

Varsity Blues

High school. High school football. High school problems. The High school coach has a fantastic winning record. The head coach is obsessed with winning as is the town too. When the winning stops the atmosphere changes.

Beer, football, and sex. A truly awesome football movie. Not as popular as the other football movies on this list but one that I really enjoy. Generation X and Y tend to like this movie a lot more than the older crowds.

Football LeatherThe WaterBoy

If you like Adan Sandler than you have already seen this movie. Stupid comedy with football. A very fun movie when you want to watch a football movie that is not very serious. This movie also brought Henry winkler back into the spotlight.

Remember the Titans

Remember The Titans is about football in 1971 when two schools were racially desgregated and blended together. The new football team is composed of white and black players. The white players dislike the black players but eventually form a bond from playing football together.

There are many more football movies that I love but these are some of my favorites. What are some of your favorite football movies?

Image Credit: (Flickr/vox_efx)