If you are like most people, you probably have a favorite quote. It can be from someone well-known, or not know at all.

Some people like to post their favorite quotes on bulletin boards or mirrors to remind them. Or they put them in other places where they can study them often. Personally, I like to carry around my favorite leadership quote.

Sometimes it is difficult to be compassionate and caring in a goal-oriented atmosphere, but caring around this quote in my wallet helps me remember why I chose my career.

It is pretty obvious that many people use quotes to help them improve their life or themselves. Just like my leadership quote helps me, there are several great quotes out there that can motivate you.

There are several ways that you can use quotes to do just that. Here are some ideas that you may want to think about when using quotes:

* If you like to write, keep a journal of quotes and what you think about them. If you can, try to relate the quote to what has been going on in your day, or what you have been thinking about lately.

* Share the great quotes that you find with your colleagues. You can put an inspiring quote on your door on the bulletin in the break room. Sometimes even a quick email can put a smile on someone's face, or give them a little perspective.

* If you have clients, you can share your quotes with them too. For example, if you try and stay in contact with your clients, you can send the quote with a quick note.

* Just like I carry my leadership quote around with me, put your quotes in places where you can see them regularly. You can put them on your computer monitor or on the mirror. Some people like putting things on the refrigerator. Just put them in places where you will see them often.

* If you have to give a lot of speeches or presentations, using quotes is a great way to get your message across. It will not only add credibility to your message, but help persuade others.

* Meditate on the quotes that inspire you. Reflect on the quote and how it relates to you.

* Memorize the quotes you love the most. Not only is this a great way to exercise your brain, it also helps you achieve some great conversations.

* When you put quotes to memory, it is a great experience to be able to think about the quote and quickly change a negative attitude.

So, when you run across a great quote that is inspiring or motivating, think twice before disregarding it. My leadership quote that I carry around with me has made all the difference.

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