Fax from Hotmail or Gmail with a Fax Service

Say good bye to traditional fax machines, in the last ten years these machines just seem to get slower and slower as new digital technology emerges.  We live in days of portability, smartphones and availability anywhere and with the use of machines this is simply not possible.  Luckily, now we have the option of using email fax services, which allow us to receive fax in our email inbox, no matter if it comes from a free email provider.

A lot of people use Gmail and Hotmail addresses for business purposes, so it makes sense that the fax services out there in the market offer 100% compatibility to fax from Gmail or Hotmail.  They even went a step forward, offering compatibility with any other email provider of your choice. 

Receiving faxes on your email is just like receiving emails.  You basically wait for incoming faxes or you check your fax account whenever you receive and incoming fax notification.  Some services give you the option of receiving notifications via your mobile phone.  Smartphone users can take advantage of this feature simply by downloading the free apps developed by these services.

Sending a fax is also very simple, but involves a little bit of knowledge.  To start, you will put the recipient’s number on the To field of the email message, followed by @faxservice.  Services vary their domains, so for example, Ringcentral Fax would be @rcfax.com and MyFax would be @myfax.com.

Then you need to add the actual document to be faxed.  Simply upload the document on the email message as an attachment.  In the case you are using Gmail, the attachment button is below the address field.  It can be any document file, but compatibility depends on the company of your choice.  You can add a note for the message in the subject field and add a cover page by typing up on the message field.

From there you just press send and just wait for the confirmation of delivery.  This usually takes less than a minute and even if the line is busy, the fax service will keep on trying several times to ensure your document is delivered correctly.

As you can see, now you can take advantage of Google faxing services to speed up and improve communications in your business.  The best thing about services is that you can start free of charge thanks to 30 day free trials, which happen to be also the best way to determine if a fax service is right for you.