In just a few years iPhones have invaded our lives and businesses.  Now is very common to see people chatting on the Apple smartphone or playing one of the hundreds of games available at the App store.  But did you know that you can also use your iPhone for faxing? Thanks to email fax services we can turn our phone into a virtual fax machine in just a few steps.

You can find some apps that allow you to send and receive fax on the go. These applications are free to download, but in order to fax with them, they must work with a corresponding email fax service account. These types of services allow you to receive faxes digitally from any recipient, and at the same time they provide you with a virtual fax number of your choice.

Fax services charge a monthly fee, but it would be a good idea to check out free trials to test a service before paying for it.  Luckily, these trials are easily found with the best fax companies out there.

So, if you have a fax account, your phone and a connection to the Web, you are ready to fax from iPhone!

Right now you’ll find three companies offering these types of apps: eFax, RingCentral and MyFax.  All of them are excellent options to receive and forward fax on the go, but eFax is the only one that also allows you to compose fax using the iPhone’s camera. 

These apps are simple to use and do the job of basic mobile faxing, but if you want more features you can always access your web fax dashboard via the Safari browser integrated in each phone.

Why Use a Mobile Faxing Solution?

There are some advantages that will make you consider throwing away that old traditional fax machine and start using a digital solution. Let’s take a look at them.

Mobility.  That’s what we have talked about.  You won’t have to stay at the office to receive faxes anymore.  Download the fax app and you’ll receive instant notifications of incoming faxes.

Speed. Faxing in a digital format is much faster than traditional faxing, and service come with useful features such as fax broadcasting and fax scheduling.

No need for a dedicated fax line. Upon creating your account you’ll receive a local or toll-free number, that anyone can use to send you faxes.  A sender dials the number to get the phone, sends the fax and this fax is converted into a pdf and sent to your email for reading.

Affordability.  To get started with traditional faxing we had to deal with many expenses and wait of rline installation, setup, etc.  With an online fax solution we can start for free, and the monthly fees can go as low as $4.95 per month!