How often during the day are you afraid? I don’t mean about being afraid of heights or snakes although they do count. This is about the day to day fear that people experience and some simple and effective things that can be done to overcome these feelings of fear that many people experience each day. One of the most important changes a person can make in the enjoyment of their life is to learn how to recognize fear and still act anyway. That is the definition of courage. Here are three ways that fear can be defeated once and for all. 

First, stop watching the news. People experience a bombardment of bad news each and every day. If there is a mass murder, the mainstream media will follow the story for days on end. The problem with this is that as the news permeates your life then a natural mistrust of everyone starts to develop. When you look at the positive events in the world. Ignore the hype of the mainstream media and you will find that there are far less things to be afraid of than you think. 

As you look at the world the millions of good things are blacked out by the one event that is being overly hyped.  After awhile people are just going to accept that there are a lot of bad people in the world and if they aren’t careful they will become a victim.  This is an unhealthy attitude that forces people to limit themselves. 

The secret to defeating this fear is to recognize it for what it is a very small option in the world. There is a far greater chance that something great will happen to you rather than falling victim to a serial killer.  The one choice that a person can make today to improve their outlook on life is to stop watching the mainstream media. Just don’t watch because that is the only way to gain control of your thoughts and create a more positive outlook on life.

Secondly don't value things above people.  Another great cause of fear for individuals today is caused by the desire to accumulate possessions today. People look for the things they own to bring them some sort of satisfaction and happiness in life. When you look for a thing to bring you happiness then you are in trouble because that thing can always be taken away from you.

Since our things are so deeply tied to our self esteem, the fear of losing something is like losing a part of who we are. In reality, stuff is just stuff and it doesn’t define you or make a person any better or worse than anyone else. The key to losing this fear is to make a conscious choice about exactly what makes you happy. Most truly happy people will tell you that happiness comes from the attitude you carry inside you and not from outward possessions.

Thirdly admit your fear. When it comes to fear we are often so concerned with hiding our fears from others that it becomes nearly incapacitating to a person to carry around this guilt all the time. Once a person decides to expose that fear to the world, many psychologists believe that the cathartic feeling  that comes from admitting your fear. Once the fear is placed out there to see the fear revealed that it simply disappears.  Once we face our fear, it ceases to be something that bothers us. 

Fear can be a negative influence on all our lives and the sooner we learn to face it, the sooner we can conquer it and move forward with their lives. Learn to recognize and let go of your fears and the life that you experience will be much happier.