UFO over the BBC radio building in London 2011


                                  Are we being watched from beyond the skies?

disc shaped clouds in Florida

Well probably many of you might think the same. While Hollywood has depicted the same and brought to reel the same idea over and over through ages, many of them in frightening and humerous ways, do we really need to consider the fact that those are not mere projections of the human mind? For years, people have been constantly reporting of appearance of crop circles portraying unidentifiable patterns and saucer shaped streaks across the sky from different parts of the globe. But the number of scams related to such cases are also on the rise nowadays with many sites taking advantage of many photo edition techniques to create images that merge with real life backgrounds confusing the viewers regarding the genuinity of the actual fact. Also I believe several top notch agencies investigating such incidents worldwide also keep the confidentiality of such cases so as not to create anxiety among the masses.But are these incidents real or are they just a build up to convey us that there is an ultimate power to fear thats soon to arrive in the face of earth.People also take advantages of public file sharing sites like Youtube and so on to upload videos that portrays a fake at first sight,eventually leaving viewers in doubt of the existence of such things after all.



In the years 2010-2013, there had been reportings of several strange cloud formations at various parts of the world that some have labelled as UFOs and others as strange cloud patterns. But if you closely look at the patterns exhibited by these clouds they seem to be almost of the same shape regardless of places where they appear.Some have even  associated such clouds with the end of the world.But thankfully such clouds has not not been reported to have had some serious impact on us.

strange clouds in Syria

The only thing that still baffles me is the shape of an alien form thats depicted in videos and movies that shows the oval head attached to the slender body with huge eye sockets and long legs. Rarely in some cases, especially in movies, the image is screened as some huge creature with slimy fangs and octopus like arms that simply devours the prey, showing how fierce and fearful a species of unknown origin can be to humans. The same image keeps repeating all these ages with no alteration. However, I firmly believe that there are chances of other forms and shapes of unknown life that may be existing in galaxies other than ours.

Moreover, reports of agencies deploying space vehicles to nearby planets to find the chances of sustaining life in those planets are not new to us. Through such investigations, they are also predicting the possibility of  the current existence of any life forms. Though nothing has been reported so far concerning this, its also possible that a new form of species is currently under evaluation that might be classified as top secret sector,still not accessible to people like you and me...

From all these  I can say.... YES! We are not alone anymore...We are being watched!

Several sightings have been reported recently from around the globe of visits to our homely planet by other worldy beings .Recently the sighting of a triangular shaped sharp object in the skies of Yemen has sparked the curiosity in the minds of
many believers worlwide.Even the strange sight has been reported to be authentic by an astronomer where he has clearly mentioned the object to be truly genuine and not the work of an amateur photoshop professional.

UFO over Yemen

Reports of another UFO sighting in the Russian sky on October 2009 which appeared as a bright and enormous ring of immense brightness that seemed to appear from nowhere is not something to be taken lightly.Though the incident has been reported on live television, no further investigation has been reported on the source except a statement that planes flying under lower levels can also emit such a phenomena which I find rather hard to believe.

UFO in Russia

Another interesting video on the same topic was the sighting of bright shooting star like objects in the London skyline over the BBC radio 1 building on June 24,2011.Though this has attracted the attention of many passers by and several has captured the images through their cell phones,further information on the same still remains unrevealed.Some also belive that this must be the work of some technology whizkid just emitting powerful laser beams to grab the attention of the passers.But after all, who knows the real case?


 Are these incidents real or just  framed to grab the attention of the public?
Though the answer might be a 50-50, I still believe the existence of some strong and technically evolved force thats beyond our imagination thats just waiting out there......may be to pay a friendly visit to this lovely planet as any tourist would do or rather waiting for total annihilation after years of closer watch.But I dont believe in the shape of an alien form as the one depicted in pictures and videos as spongy slimy mass of thing. What if such beings are after all skinny or steelware with technology that might take years for humans to even think of? Anyways its high time we consider the reality of such happenings mentioned above.Who knows if we are to expect grey skies of smoke and dust rumbling with giant metallic structures above us instead of a fine and pleasant morning in all its beauty the next day we wake up in our bed? Lets think.....

Mysterious lights