As Sharp As A Feather

Hey isn't that supposed to be "As light as a Feather?"

They're extremely sharp therefore I reckon if you aren't careful you could hurt yourself. The name "Feather" most probably means you should expend nearly zero pressure and this is how you ought to shave with these. You don't need pressure but you do need good technique. If you are aware of what you're doing, these will sell themselves.

They are the sharpest and best at keeping their edge that you'll ever use. Yet, Blades have to be sharp, don't they? Once you try them, you'll never look back. It is, in reality, an extremely sharp blade. This can mean fewer passes and less irritation.  You'll barely have to make a second pass to capture some minor patches. You might have to be extremely careful with these blades, especially if you've got tender skin or suffer from ingrown hairs. Feather blades are sharp, sharper than any blade, but don't be afraid of them; your face won't be cut to pieces, period.

If you are shredding your face with any "safety" razor (key word SAFETY) then you ought to probably stop reading this and consider an electric shaver.

At first glimpse you might not notice much of a transformation, however when you're done there won't be a single solitary suggestion that facial hair had ever grown on your face, you'll obtain a truly smooth shave and a face as velvety as a baby's bottom.

These blades just don't rust, why?  Feather applies 2 very generous dabs of wax to the blades to hold them onto the wax-paper wrapper. Some users think they detect rust because, after frequent rinsing and reacting with your shaving soaps/creams/oils, the WAX on the outside of the Feather blades starts to oxidize and change colors, and it may appear to be rust, but its not. Additionally, the wax doesn't affect the shave at all.

These blades are exceedingly high-calibre and you'll be glad, if you begin using them for shaving. You'll see them to be a fantastic investment and you'll continue using them for the rest of your life. They'll give you a very close, smooth shave for 5 or 6 days versus 2-3 days on other cheap blades you may have tried. Athough these are more pricey, you'll yield twice the amount of shaves, a more comfortable shave and less waste. After a few rough shaves you'll soon realize that these Feather blades are amazingly better, sharper, and smoother than those "cheapo blades"! It possibly could be an overused analogy, however it truly does appear to work like "a hot sharp knife through warm butter". Its an outstanding shave! You won't go back to your previous ways! If you shave measured and steady, these might provide you with the best shave money could possibly buy. They'll last just as long as your old Mach 3's at 1/4 of the price. 

Go slowly and don't apply any actual pressure, since these blades are sharp! Simply guide the razor, and let the blade do it's work. It's no big deal, just start slow, and you will see the results. The Feather blades leave a cleaner shave even after merely two passes vs. three passes with the Derby and other well known brands. They are indeed sharp, which is considered to be a good thing, isn't it?Don't press, let the razor do the work and take your time. You will be rewarded with a very close comfortable shave. "Feather" accurately describes the light touch that is all this blade requires. If you press it into your face too hard you may likely see this immediately, in the form of pain. One full stroke is all you'll require with these. No irritation, redness, or bumps, and no cutting whatsoever. Extremely sharp, handle with care. If you have your technique perfected though, then this blade is a pure pleasure to shave with.

If you're going to put the effort into Double Edge Shaving, you should make sure you're getting the best-made tools to do it with. Japanese quality and precision, these set the bar.

They say that every man is different and there will never be a consensus on the best blade, however, you may throw your hat into the debate and declare that Feather is the best blade. You'd be certain that it might have to be, for it is indisputably the sharpest, which suggests that it shaves as close as another blades, only with lots less pressure -- and isn't that the formula for less irritation?

Light as a Feather?

Feather Blades