Most modern homes have their focal point centered around the television in their home. In fact, TV has taken such an important place in the homes of many that larger TVs are often desired to offer a better picture over smaller televisions. While a 46" TV seems large by yesterday's standards, it is becoming the new default in home entertainment. If you are considering purchasing a new TV, you need to be aware of the features that you will need in order to set up your home entertainment system.

Shopping for a television can be a confusing experience, especially with so many different resolutions offered. The industry best is currently 1080p resolution which consistently produces a clear and beautiful picture. Of course, as technology advances newer and higher resolutions will be featured, but the best televisions on the market today are 1080p resolution. If you have had problems in the past because of eye strain from watching television, this crystal clear resolution could help solve that problem.

Aside from the picture, you want to make sure you have plenty of input to plug in all of your devices you will use your television for. This includes your Blu-Ray player, your DVD player, any gaming consoles you own, as well as a computer to record television. Having different inputs for all of these devices is essential, so a television with a lot of inputs is preferred over one that only has a few. A television with 3 HDMI ports should be enough to support your Blu-Ray and gaming consoles, and with composite and other inputs, you can plug up older system.

1 (16845)Of course, before you get out of hand purchasing a brand new widescreen 46" TV, you should consider whether or not you will have the space to house the television. If you are upgrading your family's old CRT television to a newer HDTV, you probably need to purchase a new TV stand as well. Entertainment centers of the past that were designed to hold CRT TVs are not made for holding HDTVs, since they are closed and not wide enough for the TV. Purchasing a new stand that will fit in your home where you want to place it is essential.

Modern televisions are much cleaner than their old CRT counterparts. While you may not be aware of how much different the picture can be, once you upgrade you will never want to go back to standard definition television again. As prices constantly drop on televisions, there is no reason not to own a new 46" HDTV today.