Laser printers are a type of computer printer. They are used to quickly produce high quality text and graphics on plain paper. Most of these printers have been designed to multitask. This means that one can print and photocopy papers using one machine. This technology uses direct scanning to produce an image. Scanning involves the use of laser beams across the photoreceptor. This makes these printers different than analog printers. Among the array of manufacturers of these printers are the Samsung laser printers.

These Samsung laser printers are classified into a couple categories, namely single function color, single function black and white, multicolor and multicolor black and white. This variation is further explained by the type, print speed, features and price. Examples of black and white Samsung laser printers are the ML-2851ND, ML-2955ND and ML-2525W.  This kind features fast printing, duplex printing, expandable memory and toner save.

Samsung laser printers cannot be underestimated since they have attained ISO-9001 certification.  All Samsung printers can fall in to: ML, CLP and SCX, MSYSC, QL and SF series. These specifications should be clarified just in case a customer needs it. Samsung offers standby customer care services for any issue that might arise. It is one of the most reputed companies that have rich experience and offers quality and enhanced electronic products. This excellent reputation clarifies any doubts since it is a trusted manufacturer.

The Black and white multifunction laser printer is another instance. SCX 4623FW is another example of this type of laser printer. It features duplicate functions as in ML-2851ND. However, an additional feature of photo copying is the enhanced setting. This multicolor laser printer features an array of colors in its performance unlike the black and white type. This forms the basis of variation between the two. The CLP-620ND, CLP 325W is an instance of this type. Other color multifunction printers include the CLX-3185FW and even the CLX-8380A.

These types of printers can print up to 200 monochrome pages per minute. Unlike the impact printers, this type is more efficient and economical since it does not employ a cartridge but rather toner. This makes it suitable for commercial use since it is more affordable than similar units on the market by different manufacturers. However, they are available in varied forms for different specifications and functions. There is a large variation in the costs of getting Samsung printers. Despite the fact that Samsung concentrates on laser printers, there is an array of models in a number of price ranges. Office and home suitable printers are also available.