Dogs can be very lovable and cute, but it can be quite frustrating when they get too spoiled and refuse to listen to your commands. Trained dogs are coached by professionals, but if you don't have time to send your pet to obedience school, then electronic dog collars might help you handle your pet better.

Dog training collars have more features than a regular dog collar. For one, it conditions your dog to follow things that you say and make them more behaved, especially in public places. Electronic dog collars are very safe to use because they don't give your dogs electric shock. Once you click on the remote control, your pet will only be able to feel a mild jolt. The collars are also lightweight and you don't have to worry about your dogs dangling the heavy gadget on their necks.

The features of these dog training collars depend on the size of your dog and the training that your pet needs. They guarantee results and with continued use, you can already bring your dog anywhere without a leash. If you only want to enforce mild behavior training, then simple dog collars that have a limited range might work for you. Sophisticated models include features like longer power, waterproof capabilities (for out of town trips and even swimming lessons), and levels of simulation.

The levels of simulation are very important when your dog misbehaves outside the house and you need to take care of it immediately. Upon using them for training, the dogs will feel annoyed by the signal that this equipment transmits and soon so they'll learn to obey you instead. These collars are also rechargeable and can be shut off quickly. The simulation levels would also be dependent on your dog's disposition that will enable you to understand each other better.

Before purchasing a dog training collar, you must always understand that they are only corrective actions for your pet. These were not developed to harm animals rather improve their behavior on a short period of time. These training tools are very functional especially if you're prepping your dog for a huge competition. Just like good trainers go, you should never forget to reward your dog for responding to your commands. A biscuit or cookie, or a mere pat on the head would make your dog realize that he did the right thing and can encourage him to do better.