For people who are considering buying a new portable personal computer or for those who want one or plan to buy it as a gift, it is important to be informed of the features of a tablet PC. This will prepare the user and familiarize him or her about the use of the gadget.

A tablet is a handy computer with a primary input device called a touch screen. Most tablet PCs have the standard 12-inch widescreen format. Its typical display size is 10 inches for the iPad, and 7 inches for many Android tablets. Its resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels provides users the satisfaction of both gaming and net browsing. It is designed with a wireless adapter for local network connection as well as internet usage.

It also runs a specialized version of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system or Android based on Linux, with software applications that include games, office suites, web browsers, organizer tools, and many other various applications. The XP version of the tablet offers the users the capabilities of a Windows XP Professional OS. Its additional features are handwriting support as well as voice or speech recognition.

Other features of a tablet PC may be found according to the two versions of a tablet PC. These have different, useful features that allow the users to have the preferences or settings they want to have.

The first style is the so-called slate-style tablet. This has the advantage of simplicity minus the hassle of moving parts. It can be carried around as a fashionable device with a stylus for input. Although it has no keyboard or a mouse, the device may support other computer components, for instance, the docking station. It may be connected to any compatible port and peripherals including a keyboard, mouse, portable DVD player, hard drives, and many others. The approximate size of this device is typically 8.5 inches by 12 inches. Around 10 inches is the measure of its colored touch screen with control buttons that can be found at the edge of the screen.

The second design is a convertible tablet. It is comparable to the clamshell style, and very similar to a laptop PC that may be converted into a tablet PC. The size for this model is similar to the slate-style tablet; the only difference is that it is slightly thicker to make room for the hinged keyboard component. Moreover, the screen of the PC swivels up to 180 degrees when opened by the user, while the backside of the screen may be folded down on top of the keyboard with its screen side facing upward.

The tablet’s familiar features and appearance are the advantages that make owners or would-be users adapt to its use faster and more easily. The second style also has a built-in keyboard that will be useful for those who need to type a lot of documents and prefer portable and light weight devices.

There are several types and designs of tablet PCs available in the market, but consumers must not rely on good advertisements. Rather, what is important is to examine carefully the features of a tablet PC.