Business phone lines and business broadband services are designed with the needs of corporate users in mind, and offer a number of distinct advantages over residential phone and broadband packages. Choosing to receive your phone and broadband services from the same supplier could save you money, as well as allow you to benefit from dealing with a single company for all your business telecommunication queries.

When evaluating different broadband and phone packages from the major providers, there are a few important things to look out for - including the speed of the broadband connection, the type of phone systems available and extra features included in the bundles, such as 24 hour customer support. When it comes to choosing a type of phone system, this should be based on factors such as the size of your company and your predicted phone usage - whether you prefer the simplicity of keyless systems or the additional connections and features offered with KSU and PBX systems.

The speed of a business broadband service should not be the only factor you compare when looking into different options, but you will need to be confident that the speed you choose will be suitable for all your employees to make use of simultaneously. Upgrading to fibre optic broadband can increase your speed capabilities, as can installing a leased line, though the expense involved in this latter option usually reserves it for larger businesses.

The tools and services included in your business phone and broadband packages can potentially add value to your company, but these could also mean you're paying more if you don't feel certain products and services are required. Business phone packages may include advanced features such as live call screening, auto-attendants and music on hold, while business broadband may include a static IP address and web hosting tools to help you get started online and manage your own websites.

It's generally recommended to compare quotes from several companies before making your decision, and to check whether discounts are offered by bundling phone and broadband packages together. If you have developed a good relationship with your current telecoms provider, they may be able to offer exclusive rates or discounts, or to tailor packages to your unique requirements. However, if you feel like a change and the end of your contract is approaching, this could be a good time to switch provider and start benefiting from more reliable, faster and cheaper connections.