Shoot for the Stars and you Might Land on the Moon

I started in Adsense in June 24, 2011.  I related a bit of my story in the article entitled "My First Infobarrel Penny", if I knew better then, I would've classify that article as a report.

This time, thanks to ZiggyD, I took the time to look into the classification so tah dah! This is officially my first Infobarrel Performance Report.

During the month of February I made $12.13 in Adsense with about 37 clicks (don't know the clicks for HubPages - 1,463 views).

Webanswers   $5.58

HubPages EP     $3.86  (not Adsense)

Infobarrel        $2.61

Other three blogs  $0.08

I started in InfoBarrel in February 3, 2012 (for my own record, I had to go to the Forum to see it).  My page views in Adsense were 4,958 for this month.  My page views for January (not in Infobarrel yet) were 4,289.  I had an income in January of 4.05 overall.

I am yet to see any money from Amazon, Ebay (in HubPages) or Chitika (not approved yet).  I recently signed in with Squidoo, Examiner and others. But, sigh, sometimes this can be truly overwhelming.  Plus my mind gets fragmented at times, so I have to be careful not to spread myself too thin.  It takes a bit of me to write the articles.  I tend to take things to heart.  Since it says "Infobarrel" I'm shooting for having a barrel of information... I need to include lighter subjects. Sidetracked there, thinking outloud, let's get to numbers.

I started with Webanswers in January 31, 2012 and have been posting in HubPages for two years.

The Dream is Real

The first thing I did when I signed up here, after setting up my profile, was to look for the most productive and high income producing writers.  Oh, I knew about the site for an answer posted in Webanswer about money making writing sites.  There were many other names, but something was said about InfoBarrel so I created an account right away.

Anyhow, first writer I found was Sookie then jcmayer777 and the rest.  When I read jcmayer success story it gave me a lot of hope.  The dream is real.  So I started working immediately on an article I've been wanting to do for a while about Hydrogen Peroxide.  I also did another one on the stockmarket but that turned a flop.  Those were my first two articles here.

In February I published 17 articles that had 437 views.  All but three of them are 1000 words minimum

Then I saw the contest and the current standings.  It felt pretty good to make position #10 in such a short time.  I want to win this month's contest.  "Shoot for the moon..."  Is not going to hurt to spike my article production even if I do not win.


I'm eagerly awaiting for SelfHelpBarrel earnings report.  He started a day after me and already reports 13,690 views! Those are the things that get my blood rushing.  How did he do it?

My total earnings on Adsense since I started with the program until February 29 are $16.83.  I wonder what's spiking the interests of readers in Philipines, South Africa, Spain and what could make them click.  My main market is still United States ($7.16), followed by Canada (0.69), United Kingdom (0.44) and my hometown Puerto Rico (0.02).


Goals for March!

Top Three Contest Winner

I want to win the contest this month.  I refrain from publishing articles since February 22 to have a heads up for March 1.  I am desperately looking for unpublished articles around the house, scrapnotes, diaries... anything that could give a structured idea to publish some coherent article.  I don't think placing all the articles on the first day was a good strategy because it will serve as a benchmark that will be easily surpassed, especially by mogul writers here.

I absolutely need to get in gear with this keyword paranormal science.  And now that I saw SelfHelpBarrel post, I need to check and retrace my steps when it comes to promoting my posts.

I'm setting a goal of 70 articles 1000 word minimum for this month.

My Weaknesses

I just find it so difficult to write more than one article per day

In order to win the contest, I need to write at least 75 articles per day, wait no! I mean, this month, if I ever get to write 75 articles any day, I'll be dead that evening.  Just today I finished my post on the benefits of sleeping, and that took me about five hours, including research, writing, editing and some social sharing.

I wonder how others manage to write two and three 1000 word articles per day on a consistent basis.  Right now, the only reason I am writing this is because I don't need to research that much on myself, I do that every minute.  Plus is fun to share information on member's progress, is like a small celebration, or a corporate gathering.  Great writing for a social Friday.

Corporate cyber gathering in my purple kimono.  This has to be the American Dream.  Happy hour anyone?


Income Besides Adsense

Gotta Love Multiple Streams of Income

I am a disciple of Robert Kiyosaki's teachings although I later found out that his were "purely fictional" books, classified as such in the Library of Congress. I bought almost all of his books, there was never a rich dad.  I tossed the books away, others I sold on Ebay.  Still, so many years of reading on making money work for me, remained engrained in my other brain, which I appreciate.

I started with real estate.  Long story short.  I humbly relate I have a paid out property which rents for $700 per month now.  Since my father died, I have been trading in the stock market, now betting my mortgage on it. Also I receive some pensions, so in a way I can say I am already living the dream. I have the time to learn keywords and SEO, and must.  There is nothing better than using time productively.  Learning and sharing information are my favorite passtimes, writing online makes both possible.

Thank you ZiggyD, for the thread. Hope you like the screensavers included here!