Hi everyone, so I just completed my first full month on InfoBarrel and here are some of my successes and failures.   I write about things I enjoy and / or am passionate about.  For example, you’ll see a lot of articles surrounding real estate, investing, fitness, etc.  Hopefully this will serve as a guide for new members wondering what range of earnings they can expect.

My first article, 10 Tips When Saving to Buy a House, was rejected 5 or 6 times before it went live.  This was frustrating at first, but was a good learning experience.  To my surprise, this actually ended up being my most popular topic.  Maybe I’m good at saving because I am a financial genius, more likely it’s because I am cheap.  I came up with the idea for this article because a lot of my friends frequently ask how I come up with money to invest in rental properties, and wrote this article to help them out.  This article had 114 views last month, 3 “likes,” 4 comments, 12 reads, and 0 backlinks.   I earned $1.51 on this piece last month.

The second most popular article was Buying Real Estate for Cashflow.  Again, this is another thing I’m passionate about, and it’s possible that this showed in the article and lead to its success.  The reasoning behind publishing this was similar to my first, helping my friends with their cashflow questions.  This article ended February with 81 views, 4 “likes”, 3 comments, 16 reads, and no backlinks.  My earnings for this write up were $0.77.   

The earnings on the rest of my topics were slightly confusing, at least to me.  In terms of reads, the views, the next highest ranking article was “Work Life Balance Myths and Tips” (49 views, 2 likes, and 3 comments).  As an engineer in the Medical Device industry, I’ve had a lot of experiences (good and bad) with work life balance, and wanted to share knowledge.  Interestingly, this post only yielded $.04.

Confusingly, an article with 20 views, 2 likes, no comments, 1 read, and 1 backlink earned $.11 (nearly 3 times the “Work Life Balance Myths and Tips” article).  I’m guessing the backlink bumped this revenue up somehow, but am unsure.  This post, 6 Tips for Changing your Vehicle’s Oil is something I enjoy doing and I think it can help some folks who would like to do this themselves.

Overall, I completed my first month with 10 articles and $2.27 in earnings.  This amount, although not a huge amount of money, may continue to be passive income in the upcoming months.  More importantly, I think I learned a lot and I feel writing has improved a bit.  

Piles of CashCredit: Clipart-finder.com