February 7, 1795

The Bill of Rights was a group of 10 amendments passed shortly after the Constitution went into power to protect the natural rights of liberty and property.  The Eleventh Amendment was the first amendment passed after the Bill of Rights. 

The Eleventh Amendment dealt with the States being sued in Federal Court.  In February of 1793, the case of Chisholm v. Georgia, the Supreme Court ruled that a person could sue a state.  The Eleventh Amendment was passed shortly thereafter to counteract that, saying that a state could not be sued in Federal court by someone from outside of the state.  It was later decided in court that it also applied to someone from the state suing them.

The Eleventh Amendment was ratified on February 7, 1795 when North Carolina became the 12th state to vote for ratification.  South Carolina ratified it on December 4, 1797, and New Jersey and Pennsylvania never did.

Rembrandt Peale Introduces Public Gas LampsCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Rembrandt_Peale_self-portrait.jpg

February 7, 1817

In Baltimore, Maryland, the first public gas lamp is lit and the gas industry in the United States is started.  Rembrandt Peale had traveled in England, and saw a demonstration of the process there. When returning to America, he first lit his museum with the gas lights, then started a gas company to bring it to the public.  The public gas lamp was the first of his efforts.  However, he was not a very good business man, and was forced out of the company a few years later.

February 7 1935

The game, Monopoly is first marketed on this day in 1935.  The game was a knock-off of another game called The Landlord’s Game, created in 1904.  Charles Darrow pitched his version, Monoply, to Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley, but they were not interested.  He contracted out to get 1000 copies of the game himself, and they sold out.  Parker Brothers was now interested and made a deal with Darrow.

February 7, 1940

The second Walt Disney film premieres on February 7, 1940.  It is called Pinocchio and is based on a story by Carlo Collodi published in 1883.  The film won two Academy Awards, but financially was not successful at the beginning.  It was not until after several reissues, that the film was to turn a profit.  Many critics in recent years have listed it in the list of top films and best animated films of all time.

First EVA on February 7, 1984Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Sts-41-b-patch.png

February 7, 1984

On Space Shuttle Mission numbered STS-41-B, the fourth flight of Space Shuttle Challenger, Astronauts Bruce McCanless II and Robert L. Stewart use the Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU) to make the first untethered space walk.  McCandless was actually the very first and performed his untethered extra-vehicular activity on the fourth day, while both men performed an untethered EVAs on the seventh day.  These activities were practice for a satellite retrieval and repair operation planned for the following flight.

John Kerry Runs For PresidentCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:John_F._Kerry.jpg

February 7, 2004

Senator John Kerry, running for president and hoping to win the Democratic nomination, wins the caucuses in Michigan and Washington.  Although Howard Dean had been considered a front runner in the weeks leading up to the start of the nomination process and the Iowa caucuses, John Kerry managed to win in Iowa, and continued his lead, taking most of the state primaries, including Michigan and Washington on February 7, 2004.  In the end, he would win the Democratic nomination, but would lose to incumbent President George Bush.