February 9, 1825

In the election for president in 1824, there were many candidates, including John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, William H Crawford, and John C. Calhoun.  On election day, Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and had the most electoral votes, but not a majority of the electoral votes.  

John Quincy Adams Is Elected PresidentCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:John_Quincy_Adams_by_GPA_Healy,_1858.jpgSo, according to the Twelfth Amendment, the House of Represenatives was to choose from the top three candidates, Jackson, Crawford and Adams.  Clay was fourth, and so not up for consideration.  However, he was Speaker of the House.  He most related to the platform and beliefs of John Quincy Adams, so he supported Adams.  On February 9, 1825, John Quincy Adams became the only President to be elected by the House of Representatives. 

Andrew Jackson was upset at the outcome, and when Adams appointed Clay to the postion of   Secretary of State, accused Adams of corruption.

Jefferson Davis Is Appointed as President Of The ConfederationCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_Davis#President_of_the_Confederate_States_of_AmericaFebruary 9, 1861

Jefferson Davis served both in the military and public office for much of his adult life.  He was Secretary of War under President Franklin Pierce, during which he was for the Gadsen Purchase, and raised the size of the Army.

He was against the Southern States seceding from the Union, but believed in states’ rights and felt that each state did have the right to secede if they felt they needed to do so.  When he heard the South Carolina and Mississippi had seceded, he reluctantly resigned from the United States Senate and return home to Mississippi.

On February 9, 1861, Davis was elected to President of the Confederate States of America.  He had wanted to serve as a general, because of his prior military experience, but agreed to serve where he was needed.  He was inaugurated as Provisional President on February 18, 1861.  On November 6, 1961 he was elected to a six year term, and inaugurated as President on February 22, 1862. 

The Beatles Come To The United StatesCredit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Beatles_in_America.JPGFebruary 9, 1964

The Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show and give their first live United States television performance. They are seen by 74 million viewers, about 40 percent of the country’s population.  Although a review of the show stated that they could not sing, they had two great concerts and a second appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show before returning to England.  It was the start of Beatlemania, and also helped other British bands to receive attention.

February 9, 2006

Ernst Zundel goes to court in Germany to face charges of incitement, libel, and disparaging the dead on February 9, 2006.  He was extradited from Germany, and on February 15, 2007 is convicted and sentenced to five years.  Zundel was well known for denying that the Holocaust ever happened. 

Zundel had emigrated to Canada when he was 19.  He then started publishing fringe views on UFOs, the Holocaust, and the German Nazi Regime.  He stood trial several times in Canada, but each time had the convictions overturned.  He moved to the United States, then was deported back to Canada.  However, he had never become a citizen of Canada, so was sent back to Germany when he was deemed a threat to national security.