anyone felt cooped up all winter...

Some look at February as the month of love, because of Valentine's Day.  Others look at it as the birthdays of two of America's greatest presidents.  Both are right and by being our shortest month of the year we find it holds a proominent place for more than just one reason or the other.  My brother-in-law while not disquieting either of the afore mentioned holidays would hold that the 2nd is the most important day of the entire month and not just beause it happens to be his birthday, but rather it is also Groundhogs Day and anyone who has felt cooped up all winter is just looking for any excuse about now to shed all those gloomy thoughts of hibernation and winter for a few warmer days and just to hear the birds sing again.

see your shadow vs not see your shadow...

Punxsutawney Phil has built quite a reputation as being the official weather prognosticator for most of America during the groundhog celebration each year and with a foot of snow on the ground this year there was little doubt that he was unable to see his shadow, therby forecasting an early spring of which an unofficial cry of 'yes' escaped even the most ardent snow bunnies in attendance.  It has seemed that this year one storm after another has rained it's might and furry down on the southeast and then swing up the Atlantic coastline causing havoc and mayhem in its paths causing torturous conditions and making it all but impossible even for emergency crews to navigate.

Presidents Day

But let's draw away from all the negative thoughts about the past weather problems and concentrate on a happier note like spring and glance at some mighty famous people that just happened to have been born during the shortest month of the year.  Actors, actresses and nobility as well as some of our famous forefathers have been born during the shortest of all other months we know as Februsry.  Two such notables becoming famous as presidents were born in February and when I was a little boy in school we always celebrated both birth dates, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln separately.  I guess someone in Washhington got the bright idea to combine the two dates and just celebrate one day thereby calling it presidents Day.  I may be a little old fashion; I just think that sorta' lessens the importance and significance somewhat.

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