Well here it is the end of February. I started seriously with articles here in November 2011, although I did join in May I didn’t do much until November. This month has been both good and bad and while I did make considerably less than last month some very interesting things took place that I didn’t expect. InfoBarrel continues to be a great place to earn and I am happy with my progress. I stand at 213 articles where I had less than 20 at the start of November. I did slow down some this month to place some articles on Hubpages which has increased my earning there. I feel it’s a good move to put articles on other sites for more diversity and other revenue streams.

Jan vs Feb AdSense Earnings

Jan just under $40.00
Feb just under $23.00

February started off as dismal as can be but it did improve with the bulk of my earnings later on in the month. I received about the same number of clicks so the lower earnings might be because of advertisers not paying as much in February. I am still pleased with the income and look forward for March to see what will happen. The best part despite the lower earnings, is that more articles than ever before received clicks.  A total of 36 articles received clicks and income over 5 cents. My best 3 earners have earned a total of $43.00 since going live in November and they continue to earn even when everything else is slow. A couple of media files also earned between $5.00 and $6.00 each since November so media files do pay off, they are well worth adding to your articles.

SEO and Search Engines

By following the advice of people on this site I have seen a good increase in traffic and many articles now land in the top ten on Google. Not everything does and some articles have been complete duds but that is the way it goes. I have found like many others, that the longer phrases really work the best. You need to think "what is someone going to type into the search bar?"  By thinking in this way you can reach higher in the rankings.  You do of course need to do some keyword research but for some articles I didn’t do anything and still got ranked quite high and I am receiving traffic. The longer my articles age, the better the traffic seems to be increasing and more clicks have occured for articles that were completely dead for the first months when I originally wrote them. Longer phrases and those related LSI words in the articles really seem to work quite well. I plan to tweak older articles in this way and see what the results are. I also find that the longer phases in the title also bring you traffic for keywords that you wouldn’t think your article would bring you.

Looking Forward

Since I saw clicks on articles that weren’t music related I plan to write even more articles on various topics in March with a goal of writing 100 articles. This site is by far the easiest to make money with your writing and it can bring amazing results if you give it the time and put in the work. I started in November with almost zero experience writing for search engines and by just making a few small changes to the way I write I have seen good results. Since November when I really made a push to write more articles and get the work done I have made almost $105.00 through InfoBarrel.  This income is from only four months of work and not much aging in my content yet. The money is steady and if you work you’ll see results too.