To answer this question right away, the birthstone for February, along with onyx is amethyst. Amethyst is a form of quartz crystal. Quartz, on the other hand, is one of the most abundant minerals on our planet's crust. The physicists have generally accepted it that amethyst has gotten his phenomenal color from the presence of impurities in quartz, most likely, iron ions. It is very often transparent, and some of the most beautiful specimens are such that you are able to see through them with absolute clarity. In any case, those born in February are really lucky to have amethyst as their birthstone since we are talking about a really amazing semiprecious stone.

Amethyst is one of the most popular naturally colored stones. Due to its magical color it has been highly treasured from ancient times. It is believed to be the stone of the the spirit, as the purple color is one of the colors related to spirituality. The purple color is also one of the colors with highest vibration in the light spectrum. Amethyst is also a stone of protection, selflessness, nobility, spiritual consciousness, meditativeness, balance and inner calm. But above all amethyst is a crystal of transformation and transfiguration. It irradiates peace and harmony in your living space, especially if you have an amethyst geode, which is a sort of cluster or rock of amethyst stones with hollow interior. Amethyst geodes are perfect for larger areas, they come in various sizes, and sometimes they can be as huge as a fridge. If you really want to purge your living space I recommend acquiring one of these amethyst geodes, as the price of the smaller ones can be relatively acceptable.

If heated to higher temperatures, amethyst changes color to brownish and yellow, thus transforming into citrine. In some more rare cases, it can also turn into green amethyst. Due to these features, you should be careful not to expose your amethyst jewelry to heat or light sources, as the gemstones within can loose their color and get more pale nuances.

Amethyst can be used to enhance concentration, ease headache, diminish fears and depression, fight insomnia and develop better mental abilities. The light of this stone relaxes and promotes inner harmony. If you decide to spend some time playing around with this wondrous stone, which I certainly recommend even if you are not born in February, you should learn how to do a proper crystal cleansing first, and then how to charge your crystal. The purification of amethyst should be performed from time to time, in any case at least on a monthly basis.

Amethyst, be it just a beautiful single crystal, or several gemstones combined in a bracelet, earrings or necklace, makes it an excellent gift for somebody whose birthday is in February. Jewelry with Green amethyst stones can be equally nice present for people born under Aquarius and Pisces, but this option is certainly more costly, since the green version of this stone is considered gemstone. At the end, feel free to browse my other articles related to crystals and birthstones: topaz stones which are November birthstones, and opal gemstones which are October birthstones.