The White House

When the Federal government was born, our forefathers sat down and decided on rules and laws to run this country. Their ideas were grand and well thought out. The intentions included all possible scenarios at the time.

Unfortunately the times have presented circumstances that have outdone their wildest dreams. Present times have a country bursting at the seams. The environment has become nothing short of swarm mentality. Washington has now become so many times removed from the issues that their insight is blurred with opinion, as our wants and desires are handed up the ladder.

When the first Congress met, they sat in a room together and decided what was best for a nation of thousands. Now our present Congress debates issues directly affecting many millions of individuals. Every day they weigh items that have to do with life or death for citizens they've never met.

The time is here to rethink our philosophy in this area. If we consider how the Congress gets its priority issues. They are presented by an individual or group. This is then handed to someone who knows someone. Then someone else brings it to someone else's attention; seventeen people later, a congressman or senator finds it on their desk.

This can be understood like the old "he fell and broke his finger" story. The tale is passed around and eventually the same guy is now in a body cast and might never walk again.

This is the same case with the present Federal government. By the time they get our ideas, they are so far distorted that the real meaning of what we wanted is lost. That doesn't even account for any of their own agendas that might have been thrown in.

If we turned the government on its end and reversed the way we think about local and federal government. If we took the money that is paid in federal income tax, which is a much larger portion of our income then state tax, and then the money that we pay in state tax, and just reversed them. It's an easy task, just file two change of address forms, switch bank accounts and it's done. Everything else stays the same.

Now the states have control of themselves. The Federal government is left to take care of defense, immigration issues and foreign policy only. These are international issues and are relevant to every state. Only the items that are a common interest to all states should be handled by the Federal government. Giving the money, and the power to rule the way the constituents from the area vote, will become one less time removed and much more people accurate.

It would be an amazing transition that would immediately put the nation back to work. Pride would become more localized and competition would increase. This drives a democratic society.

All of this of course, will never happen, due to the powers that be, as well as the things that influence that power.