The public functions of government offices

Transparency and trust between the government and the general public

It is imperative that there must be transparency between the government and the general public. The public functions of government offices are vested with public trust that they should be carried out with honesty, zeal, and dedicated service to the public. However, the workloads of public servants are getting heavier due to the growing need of services by the public. Hence, other government offices resort to outsourcing of these functions to ease out the burden of accomplishing these. Some of these functions usually land at the hands of private contractors.

Yet, not all public functions are suited to be contracted out. Some public functions handle sensitive information that if they are contracted out to private sectors data leaks might get into the wrong hands. Some of these are financial statements, military data, and personal citizen information. Thus, these governmental functions should be left to the expertise of government employees.

In particular, identity theft is fast becoming a menace to the general public, especially with the advent of the World Wide Web. InFederal Government Functions And Jobsdividuals with devious intents steal identities so that they can have access to bank accounts. Thus, personal data of the citizenry should be taken care of completely by the statistics agency of the government; contracting out this function to private sectors enables other people to have easy access to these data. In another instance, the danger of contracting out public function manifests itself by the emergence of widespread corruption.

For example, when the government doesn't have the necessary equipments to finish a project, private construction agencies are contracted to complete the project. The point between this process is where corruption happens; greedy individuals slash a part of the budget then manipulate the financial data submitted to the budget department of the government. The audit bureau usually cannot see variation between the original budget and the submitted financial report after the project is completed.

What should be done is not to outsource these public functions; instead, public policies should be modified to conform to the need for additional workforce to man the public offices and agencies.