Kids have a tendency to dislike what is good for them, or at least to claim to dislike it. If allowed, majority of them would choose to live on chocolate, french fries, chips, cookies, ice cream and soda, with an occasional pizza or spaghetti added to the mix. As tasty as it may sound even to some adults, it would hardly be a healthy diet, so until the kids get over the junk phase, it’s best that the parents are in charge of the menu. But being a reasonable parent doesn’t mean you can’t make healthy food fun or sneak in some benefits under the umbrella of junk food.


Ice cream is on the list of favorites among kids and adults alike, so treat the whole family to something good and healthy turning vitamin packed fresh squeezed juice into popsicles or mixing the probiotics in natural yoghurt with vitamins in fruit chunks and honey for some health bomb creamsicles. If you’d rather stay away from cold treats, opt for home made jello with fruit pieces or a yoghurt based layered smoothie with a cherry on top.


Cookies are what goes perfect with ice cream, and unfortunately they’re just as nutritionally empty. Unless, that is, you make some changes in the recipe and use a mix of dark flour and oats instead of bleached all purpose flour, plus you add chopped nuts and dried fruit in place of chocolate chips and marshmallows. At first your kids maybe resistant, but if you don’t give up you’re sure to find a combination that will satisfy their taste while at the same time satisfying your need to feed tem healthier.


Everything sweet is what kids love most, but put some chips, fries or a pizza dripping with fat and they’ll gladly dig in. There is good cholesterol, and not all fats are bad for you, but deep fried foods are not on the positive side of that spectrum. If avoiding chips or fries altogether might start a war at your house, get tricky and bake the sliced potatoes in the oven instead of deep frying for lesser absorption, try using sweet potatoes instead of yellow, since they are a good source of cholesterol balancing niacin, and turn to tortilla chips or root vegetable chips in place of the potato variety. As for pizza, delivery is easier, but home made is healthier, so make it into a fun night where everybody get some whole wheat dough and gets to put their own toppings on it, resulting in tasty, healthy individual pizzas for the whole family.


Healthy definitely doesn’t have to mean lacking taste, for one, and two, what your kids don’t know they can’t diss, so use whole wheat pasta in your spaghetti and make the meatballs with ground turkey, add tofu to lasagna, blend a few broccoli florets into a strawberry banana shake, use dark flour for waffles and pour a home made fruit sauce on them, just don’t let the kids see you do it or find out what you’ve done before they take the first bite, and you’re sure to have them eat healthier without anybody knowing any better.