There's a lot of misinformation thrown out with the term, "Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever". Is this ancient wisdom true? Is it exactly opposite of what should be done. Or is the whole idea of this old phrase is antiquated is leeching?

"Feed a Cold; Starve a Fever" is a very old saying. The first case that we know of in history where somebody used this phrase and wrote down it down was dictionary writer John Withals; who wrote the phrase down in 1574.

Should you Feed a cold?

Most people will agree that feeding a cold is a perfectly fine thing to do. Having a sick person injest lots of fluids, vitamins and nutrients really can help a person get better. Fluids help to flush out the system, and vitamins and nutrients can help combat the effects of the cold, and actually make a person feel better. In other words, there is nothing wrong with feeding a cold, at worst, it doesn't hurt and at best it can really help you to fight off the effects of your cold and sickness

What about starving a fever?

Starving a fever is a little more controversial. Even with our dance medical science, some medical professionals can come down on either side of this topic. The ancient idea is that laying off calories was important, because the extra energy burning hotter would combat your or already hot body making things even worse. That argument is pretty much been defeated, but there are still some other decent arguments made in scientific experiments shown that it does actually work. Yet there are also many scientific experiments and rational arguments that say the exact opposite.

What should you do for a fever?

How to break your fever is certainly an issue then. Certain things are totally agreed upon. Washing your hands thoroughly even when sick, will help greatly to break a fever and a cold. Drinking lots of water as well as taking in a maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients will also certainly help for fever. As for actually eating, the best that if someone with a fever is hungry they should certainly eat. If they aren't they should not be forced to eat, as long as they're getting the proper vitamins, nutrients and water.