Studies show that there's a link between what you think about and how healthy you are[548], so there's every reason to make sure you think positive thoughts that make you feel good. Need a quick dose of happy? Check out these five things that may bring a smile to your face.

Hey, even if only one of them makes you feel good, that will make me happy.

1. Cute Puppies

Look at this puppy and tell me it doesn’t make your next sentence sound something like “ooshee smooshee boo boo oooh.”

Cute Puppy(63167)Credit:

You can find images of adorable puppies all over the internet. Extra points for you if you own a cute puppy, or if you make a trip to an animal shelter to greet some cute puppies. If puppies aren’t your thing, do an image search for kittens, moose, AK-47’s, or whatever is your thing.

2. Marathon winners

 Call me weird, but I love images of exhausted but triumphant athletes. Give me Lance Armstrong at the end of a race, or Serena Williams raising a fist in celebration, and I can feel their joy. I have a special place in my heart for marathon winners, like Deriba Merga. He looks so happy as he breaks the tape at the 2009 Boston Marathon:

Marathon Winner

This picture inspires me to win the race, beat the odds, and triumph in whatever pursuit I am pursuing.

3. Facebook Your Mom

Or your best friend, your cousin, or your Aunt Debra. The point is, Facebook is an easy way to very quickly add a bright spot to someone else's day. Facebook allows one to send a compliment, a hello, or an inside joke faster than a phone call or even an email. The public nature of writing on someone's Facebook wall means that not only will your loved one get the joy of your kind words, but they will have the pride of knowing that all of their friends can see how beloved they are. Nice words on a Facebook wall is like a miniature version of publicly toasting someone.

4. Cute Babies

The idea here is similar to number one, cute puppies, but cute babies afford their own entry. Being around a tiny, new human being reminds us of the miracle of life. If you are child-free, it can also remind you of the miracle in your own life - freedom from dirty diapers. Whether the cute babies in your life are your own or someone else's, there is always something to appreciate.

Cute BabyCredit:

5. Movie Explosions

Give me Bruce Willis blowing something up any day. Watching movies and TV shows that contain explosions can be like fireworks for your brain - lots of fun and excitement.  For a short video with all the best video of cinematic explosions, see Lonely Island's "Cool Guys Don't Look at Explosions," on YouTube.