Currently one of the most popular players in the National Basketball Association, Lebron James was also one of the most popular players during his days playing college basketball. During his years attending St. Vincent High School, Lebron James was talked about in articles in USA Today, Sports Illustrated and ESPN Magazine. In the history of basketball, Lebron James has received more attention than any other player, including players like Kevin Garnett and Tracy McGrady. Attention that garnered him a deal with Nike to create a signature line of sneakers under his name – Lebron James shoes – which he wore while playing professional basketball.

Lebron is not the only basketball player in history to have a signature line of Nike sneakers. In fact, Nike has signed quite a few pro athletes over the years to similar deals. Many people think that Nike really struck gold with Lebron James shoes in terms of sales and product promotion. Certainly, Nike and Michael Jordan had an association that scored big time points with fans and helped Nike improve business. It is the popularity of the Lebron James line of shoes in China that makes many people scratch their head in amazement.

It could be the fact that Lebron James shoes come in models with great looking highlights and real leather. It certainly doesn't hurt that the shoe models available include advanced technology. This has produced a shoe with extreme flexibility; the wearer can play very aggressively in, on and off the court. People wearing these shoes are instantly transformed into someone that gets noticed when just walking down the street or playing basketball.

The appearance and design of these shoes allow for great comfort in all environments thanks to the outstanding work of the shoe designers of Nike. Lebron James signature sneakers are being worn around the planet by both professional basketball players and weekend players. They are also great as casual sneakers you can wear during the day or night, or for any occasion.

People deciding to give Lebron James shoes a try indicate they have never worn a more comfortable shoe. Yet they still report being able to play great basketball in perfect comfort and control. These shoes do cost a little more than your average sneakers, but people report you will not find a more comfortable or better pair of shoes being sold on the planet. Give them a try, you will fall in love.