Sometimes life isn't that nice and we have to decide, for ourselves, how we want to deal with it. Being positive can be the difference between a great day and a good day...Choosing to be negative is choosing to have a bad day...

Below are some tips to keeping your body, mind and soul well-balanced. By doing this, you will find that you inspire others to do the same and you will create the masterpiece that is your life.

  1. Take time out to enjoy a relaxing activity. Whatever it is that helps you relax...a bubble bath, painting, listening to music, etc... Use this time to think about your qualities and how they have helped you move forward in life.
  2. Start your day with enthusiasm. Spend a few minutes each morning thinking about the day you are about to have. Think about each activity you have scheduled and run it through your mind like a mini-movie and make sure each scene has a positive ending. And then make it happen for real.
  3. Ask a question each day. Something that will cause others to stop and think about what you have asked. Expand your appreciation of life by learning what life has to offer you.
  4. Make a change...take a different route to work or try a new food. See how different the world is around you and enjoy your new view.
  5. Learn from your mistakes. Even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone and changing so that you don't relive that mistake. Errors are essential for our growth. They keep us pushing and stretching ourselves so that we will risk change and live a full life.
Find ways to love your body, relax your mind, and enrich your soul. Love what is around you and celebrate the life you have.