Although best known for the Fein Multimaster, Fein also makes many other quality tools and pieces of equipment. After all, Fein invented the power tool back in 1895 with a portable electric hand drill. They have been at the forefront of power tool innovation ever since.

Chief among Fein tools is the extremely popular Multimaster. The Fein Multimaster is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for many things, including cutting and sanding. The Multimaster's biggest advantage over the competition, which would be a myriad of tools ranging from small saws to grinders, is that it can morph into another tool quickly by swapping the attachment. Fein offers the tool in a number of different kits containing different accessories and there are many packages available that include accessories suitable for all manor of jobs.

Fein's HandyMaster Drills focus on being powerful, yet easy to handle. The 9-volt ABS 9, which is their lightest duty cordless drill, produces 141 inch pounds of torque while weighing only 3.1 pounds. The 12-volt ABS 12 puts out 274 inch pounds of torque while only weighing a paltry 4.4 pounds. The ABS 18 puts out nearly double the power of the ABS 12 while weighing only two pounds more. Each drill's Ni-Cad battery charges in only 20 minutes, and each one has a nice, soft grip, so that you can concentrate more on your work than on keeping the drill steady, which is a very valid concern with drills this powerful.

Fein takes the same approach to grinders and sanders of which they offer a number of different models. All of their hand held power tools are made with an emphasis on lots of power in a light, easy to handle package. Even their wet/dry vacuums are extremely light for the amount of suction they can produce.

Fein tools are professional, no-nonsense, hard working tools that will shave time off of any job. I have used virtually every tool the company makes at one point or another in my career and I own both the Multimaster tool and the Fein Supercut. They are far from the least expensive in any category which they compete, but anyone who knows power tools knows that price is only a fraction of what should be considered when purchasing. Lightweight tools translate to less downtime since you will not fatigue as quickly, and less downtime means more work done. Pound for pound, a Fein tool will outperform the competition every time, and generally last longer, as well. If you can afford them, Fein tools are definitely the smartest power tools around.