If you are an active person and you want to keep your garden tidy, it is important that you have a tool for cutting grasses, branches etc, such as Felco pruning shears. Pruning shears have a very important role in gardening, since you cannot just use regular scissors or knifes for cutting twigs, trunks etc. Felco pruning shears have a remarkable cutting power, and help you maintain your garden. This tool has three different types of blades. One of them is an anvil with one blade and is used to cut thick twigs; the parrot beak type has two blades and is used for thin trunks; finally, the bypass type is comparable to a pair of scissors, has two blades and can be used for thin stems. 

The most popular version of Felco pruning shears is Felco #2. It is made of metal alloy, has easy to grip covers, a sap groove and the blades can be changed. Its dimensions are 8 and ½ inches in length and its retail price is $46.48. Felco #4 is the most common type of pruning shear, and many people refer to it as the basic pruner.  It has sharp blades that can cut up to 1.0 inch twigs and its dimensions are 8 and ¼ inches, with a weight of 7.8 ounces. The retail price for this version is $41.59. If you want an affordable type of Felco pruning shear, with the same top quality, you can choose Felco #5, which has a retail price of $29.23, is 9 inches long and weighs 11 ounces. Felco#6 pruning shears are suitable for smaller hands. This version’s retail price is $43.65. It is ideal for young trees and grape vines. The cutting capacity of this Felco pruning shears is limited to 0.8 inches thick twigs or stems. The #7 version of Felco pruning shears has rotating handles and it is the best seller of all Felco pruning shears, you can get one for $59.58. Professionals prefer this type of Felco pruning shears, because it lessens hand fatigue and also because its blade is replaceable.

To maintain the quality of your Felco pruning shears tool, you have to clean it after each use. You can use a wire brush or liquid soap. Wipe the shears with a moist cloth with alcohol to sterilize it and then spray oil on the metallic parts to prevent them from rusting and to maintain their original quality. Take advantage of the benefits that ordering Felco pruning shears online has, as a lifetime guarantee awaits you.