If your cat or cats get into fights or caught up in the rose bushes, or suffer insect bites, then using a feline first aid spray for wounds is something you should keep in your medicine cabinet.

This is an all-natural spray that gently disinfects and cleans wounds on your kitty without stinging.  I have used this on a nasty wound my cat received from another cat while outside, and it stopped infection until I could get to the veterinarian the following day.

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Cat Supplies Feline Solution First Aid Spray

It doesn’t harm their eyes, and it won’t hurt them if they lick it, it just gently clears away dirt and debris which can cause instant infections in most kitties.  It happens fast too, you need to always inspect them especially if they roam outdoors.

A spray works best as a cleaner on a wound so that you don’t have to try and grab the cat and wash the wound or make it worse with a wiggling kitty (and you know how much cats like water!) You quickly spray this feline first aid spray directly onto the wound and let it do its work.

It is gentle enough to use on kittens too, that quite often get into fights with each other and perfect for scrapes, abrasions, small cuts and more.

It can be hard to keep them indoors where it is safe, some just seem to want to be outdoors all the time, but then they can get into trouble with other cats, sharp fences, rose thorns and even sharp twigs (my cat got cut on a twig twice!).Feline First Aid Spray Cat WoundsCredit: morguefile.com

So if you live in the country and have a slew of barn cats, or in the city with a roaming cat, chances are they will get some cuts and injuries, and so it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit proactive and have this spray and other supplies for your cats and pets available, just as you would have a first aid kit for us humans!

This obviously does not replace veterinarian care, but can be very helpful when it first happens or is discovered.

This particular product can even be used around their mouth and eyes as it has no stinging or irritating chemical ingredients, it is all natural, but does a great job of cleaning wounds.

We all love our cats, but they do get into trouble sometimes, and you can’t always get them to a veterinarian health clinic right away, and the first rule for any minor cuts is to clean the area, and this is the easiest way you are going to get anywhere near your cat when it comes to cleaning wounds!

Have someone hold the cat, and inspect the wound, then give the area a good spray, cat wounds infect quickly so as soon as you notice the wound give it a good spray right away.

If it is a deep wound or already infected then you need to get him to the veterinarian for attention. Of all the cats I have had over the years, some were just prone to getting cuts and rose thorns jabbed in them as they chased mice, so having a spray such as this one which is all natural and doesn’t sting or irritate is something worthwhile having in your medicine cabinet.

Also, if you ever have to bath them, then check out this waterless bath for kitties!  This will save your skin.


First Aid Spray for Cats - Good to Have on Hand