Clumping Kitty Litter; Bad For Kitty and You

Using pine cat litter is the best alternative to traditional clay-based products. Why do we have to continue to suffer week by week with foul smelling unnatural kitty litter? Fortunately, we are probably not effected by the small amount of litter & cat urine mixture that we subject ourselves to. However, your cat may not be so lucky.

Bag of Feline Pine

Being a small animal, your cat may be exposed to much more lethal levels of kitty litter. Most kitty litter is made up of clay and silica. Both substances are made to clump together with moisture and waste. Thus, making it easier to sift out the cat "rocks". It is an extremely easy system and makes clean-up fast.

But, are you willing to pay the consequence of convenience by potentially putting your cat's health at risk? Many online reviews have placed blame on cat respiratory problems and even premature death on clumping kitty litter. The thought process is simple; much like the concept of clumping litter. Your cat will breathe in or consume particles of clay multiple times a day. This mixture of silica and clay will slowly build up and clump inside your cat's lungs or digestive system. Eventually, irreversible damage may occur. It's horrible, but logical. And before you purchase an inexpensive clumping litter, you should always consider what is in the best interest of your feline's health.

A Healthier Alternative For Cat and Owner

You've probably glanced over the label at every big box store and pet store you can think of. A fresh picture of a cat cuddled up with little pine pellets and pine cones. You can almost visualize it, while recalling that it sparked a few questions in your mind before you turned and purchased a multi-cat clumping mixture.

Will my cat really care what it litters in? Will the change in litter create cat issues? And how much more challenging will it be to sift out waste from pellets? All of these questions are valid, but you will not know until you truly try Feline Pine Natural Cat Litter. Nature's Earth Products, Inc. is a relatively new company but certainly stands by a mission to create products that are safe for felines and safe for you! Here is a list of reasons you should switch to Feline Pine.

1). Environmental Factors: Though it is widely purchased, clay kitty litter will mostly come from strip mines. It is not biodegradable. On the other hand, Feline Pine pellets are made with collected scrap shavings and sawdust from lumber yards. The process of compressing the pellets requires no added chemicals. Reusing another industries potential waste is a great idea! Thanks, Nature's Earth for choosing to keep the Earth sustainable!

2). Chemical-Free: There is no silica or other odor absorbing chemicals in Feline Pine. Silica is labeled a carcinogen! Who really wants to be around something that might cause cancer?

3). Odors Reduced Naturally: Feline pine easily masks your cat's odor with a fresh smell of pine! As the pellets break down, they absorb the waste further, again releasing more pine smell. It's not bad at all!

Pine Box!

4). No Dust Nor Tracking: Your cat will not carry sawdust or pellets with them. Nor will you be greeted with a great gulp of litter dust when you pour Feline Pine into their box.

5). Easy Transitions: Cats will welcome the natural litter change, but you probably should give them heads up by adding Feline Pine into the old clay mixture. After a week or so, you can change the litter out and use Feline Pine exclusively.

Remember! Before you purchase another giant container of clay-based kitty litter, think about your feline friend's health risks. Give Feline Pine a try and see the benefits of a naturual pine cat litter!

Nature's Earth Products Feline Pine Cat Litter UPP Open House July 2009

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