A Superior Product and Better Odor Control

Feline Pine's litter surpasses other kitty litters in terms of providing felines and households superior safety, ease-of-use and cat urine odor control.

This is an outstanding non-toxic product that works effectively. Most importantly, this kitty litter does not pose any respiratory or other health risks to cats or their owners as compared to similar products.

All Natural and Safe for Humans, Pets and the Planet

Feline Pine's pellets are an all natural product
made from pure kiln-dried pine. These pellets are also biodegradable, chemical-free and a dust-free litter alternative for pet owners who cannot tolerate or wish to avoid harmful silica dust found in clumping clay litters.

These eco-friendly pine pellets can also be composted. This product is also safe for kittens, versus clumping clay litters, which are thought to be hazardous to kittens if they taste or ingest any clay particles stuck to their paws during routine grooming. Accounts of kittens developing intestinal blockages from clay litters have unfortunately been reported to veterinary professionals.

How This Product Works

These highly absorbent pine pellets immediately absorb any liquid on contact and rapidly dissolve into sawdust once they are moistened with urine.

Top Product Benefits  

-Poses no health risks or hazards to felines and humans
-Is safe for kittens not yet past oral tasting stage
-Product is a biodegradable, eco-friendly and can be composted
-Brand is dust-free and chemical free unlike other kitty litters
-Controls odor better than other litters

Where Can I Buy Feline Pine?

Buy Feline Pine's products online at Amazon.com, at locally owned pet stores or at national pet store retailers such as Petco and Petsmart.  Both Petco.com and Petsmart.com also sell this product. This brand also has its own website.

Advantages of Using Both Products TogetherFeline Pine Cat Litter Trumps Other Cat Litter BrandsCredit: Feline Pine brand cat litter - Amazon.com product image

Feline Pine pellets work best in sifting litter boxes and in the box also made by this brand.

Box clean up and maintenance is made easier and these pine pellets also last longer when they are used with Feline Pine's box.

A Key Test

My beloved kitty has never demonstrated an aversion to using this box or these pine pellets. I have successfully used both of these products for six years. Care must be taken by all pet owners in choosing the right litter and best litter box for kittens or cats to ensure appropriate elimination behavior and to avoid any cat box problems from developing. The location and privacy of these boxes is highly important, too, to facilitate proper box use and behavior.

If a kitty uses or avoids a particular litter or litters, this is the best assessment or test of a brand that can be offered to others.

Additional Recommendations

For a recommendation on hiding your cat's box and tips to offer felines more privacy, consider buying a HomeZone Kitty Litter House and Feline Pine's self-cleaning box. These products are all exceptional. Reviews for these products are linked below.

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