Hire a Felon

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Felons Need Jobs

The chances of getting a job in this declining economy are certainly slim to none. Those chances get slimmer if you are a felon. There are an estimated 5.3 million felons in the United States. Most of those felons are repeat offenders because of one popular reason and that is because job opportunities for felons are so scarce that they feel forced to re-offend, subsequently landing them back in Prison. There should be more laws that would allow those proven one time offenders to have a fair chance at employment. What I mean by “proven” one time offenders, are felons that have not re-offended, have no arrests since the felony offense, and have a proven desire to be a productive member of society.

 For example, there is this man that has an eleven year old felony for “theft by possession”. When he was 19 years old, he bought five stolen computers in order to start up a business of his own. The next day it was returned and he pled guilty in court. This is only offense and arrest this man has and now at 32 years old, he walks into a local restaurant and applies to be a dishwasher, making minimum wage. Unfortunately, this man was turned down because of his felony. When we spoke, he told me that he thought his chances would be good since he knew for fact that the restaurant had a registered sex offender on the payroll. Unfortunately, this man was turned down because of his felony (because it was theft). As I do understand why most companies frown upon any convictions involving theft, I think it is appalling that there are companies out there that would be more interested in hiring registered sex offenders. Same concept goes for the offenders with past drug convictions. What kind of world do we live in when a person with multiple drug convictions or a registered sex offender can get a job faster and easier than a man with an eleven year old nonviolent crime?

This is the injustice that needs to be stopped and recognized. A man that made a mistake 11 years ago gets turned down from a minimum wage dish washing job by an employer that is more comfortable with hiring a registered sex offender.  This example of the frustration that felons have to deal with when they are job searching. This is exactly the reason when most felons transition into being a repeat offender, because society has completely shut the door on them.

This is where Felons should start doing a self-inventory to find out what their passions, interests, and hobbies are and find a way to start up a business of your own. If felons are being shot down from the jobs they desperately need, then they should start building businesses and creating jobs. Why look for a job when you can create jobs. It doesn’t matter what you have done in your past, each and every one of us have the potential to contribute to reviving our economy by utilizing our skills to become next generation entrepreneurs .