They key to building that sexy hardbody is not just hitting the gym, sculpting a bikini ready body Female Fitnes is Sexyinvolves several factors. Ignoring basic bodybuilding principles can severly hamper your efforts. Don't waste all your sweat and energy, avoid these 5 common mistake and get the most out of every workout.

Now, how do you ignite female muscle growth? The answer is strength training with the proper intensity, perfect form, and avoid over-training to stimulate growth.

Sounds easy doesn't it? So why are so many ladies not building and toning muscle so easily?

Ladies, that's because so many are victim to the 5 common Female Muscle Growth Errors.

Luckily knowing is half the battle, so let's get started learning these fatal mistakes so you can start enjoying the gains for which you are working hard.

Female Muscle Growth Error #1

Not aggressively adding weight. not challenging oneself is the biggest muscle building mistake I witness.Of course, some if not most women train hard, but few really challenge themselves each training session.

You can squat 175 pounds for 8 reps and work hard, but unless you push harder to do one more rep or 5-10 more pounds, your muscle gains will be minimal.

Muscle growth will happen using maximal force and progressive overload.

Female Muscle Growth Error #2

Avoiding compound exercises. These are usually physically exhausting exercises, but you have to do them. You will have a very difficult time building well-developed and toned muscle by doing chest flys and leg extensions.

A compound exercise is a multi-joint exercise, where all the muscles and joints of that specific area are called upon to execute the movement. Compound exercises should make up the basic building blocks of your muscle building/shaping program.

Female Muscle Growth Error #3

Lack of consistency. You are not going to build muscle by working out randomly. You have to set a scheduled plan and follow it mercilessly.

Female Muscle Growth Error #4

Xena, An Example of Female Fitness in the Middle AgesQuitting to soon. You work out hard to a week, you sweat, you ache and you are sore. You look in the mirror and you don't look like Jessica Alba, so you quit. failure to give a program enough time to make a significant impact on your physique is another common error. If you want results, you have to be patient. No one said this would be easy.

Jumping from one program to the next is self defeating. You can't find out what works for your body if you are changing workout programs each week?

Find a workout plan that is good for your and give it at least 6-8 weeks.

Female Muscle Growth Error #5

Training too often. Probably the most common mistake. Almost everyone has trained too much at one time or another.

You don't need to subject yourself to a weight training marathon to spark muscle growth, and you don't need endless sets and reps every time you go to the gym. overtraining might not just halt your muscle growth, it can cause you to lose the gains you have made.

Weight training is to tears down the muscle so it can be rebuilt into a stronger and denser muscle. Once you tear down the muscle in the gym, the work is done. Eat right and get plenty of rest. You don't build muscle in the gym, it's built outside the gym between workouts. Get plenty of rest, feed your body healthy foods with a lot of protein, so that it has all the raw materials needed to produce quality muscle fibers.

You can have a stable muscle building program just by training 3 times a week for 45 minutes, doing about 3 exercises per muscle group, 2-3 sets of 4-8 reps.

That's it ladies, get started on your or strength training program and started getting lean and toned.