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     So, your at the beginning of your transition and you don’t know where to start. How do you feminize? How do you get the body you were suppose to be born with? Well you have to transition, as you already know, and work really hard to bring out the woman inside you. It's going to take some time. So here are some tips that might help you feminize and bring out the woman that has been trapped inside you for so long.

  1. Keep good posture! Good posture will help you appear more feminine, elongate your neck and it will help you develop your feminine voice properly. Standing up straight will also project your bosom out and make your chest look less thick. Giving voice to your femininity. You don’t often see a woman slouching whether sitting or standing.

  2. Maintain a thorough skin regime! You skin will look more vibrant and alive; and lend itself to the makeup better. Seriously when was the last time you saw a woman with a dirty face? Clean bright skin is a sure sign of health and femininity.

  3. Take care of your nails! Book regular manicures and pedicures or learn how to do it yourself. You will be judged by your appearance and we all know the devil is in the details. Your well manicured nails will help deliver the message to the world that you are a woman. The make you feel prettier too.

  4. Take care of your hair! You hair is your crowning glory and people will notice it right away. So get yourself a very good wig and have it styled for you face and or grow your own hair out to a length more appropriate for a woman. I know that is stereotypical, but we are judged, sadly, on stereotypes. Use a good (wig)shampoo and (wig)conditioner regularly. If a person is looking at you and is confused they will look for the typical gender markers to give them a hint, hair and nails for example.

  5. Develop a sense of fashion! Women judge each other on how they are dressed. If you look like a person who just got some old clothes from the local thrift store then you are going to look like someone who got their clothing from there. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot of stuff from my local thrift store. However I also take the clothing to a seamstress to get the clothing adjusted so it fits properly. The seamstress can also help you with your measurements which will help you shop for clothes that will fit you rather than taking a guess and running in shame from the store. It doesn’t cost a lot but will make a world of difference towards passing as a woman. Read some magazines about fashion and learn about colour coo`rdination. Look around and see what other women are wearing. If at all possible, and I know sometimes you feel like a fourteen year old, Don’t! dress like a fourteen year old! It will draw a ton of attention to yourself which could be good, or very bad. If you want to be treated with respect then dress like you deserve it.

  6. Exercise! You will look and feel better. It will also help your body deal with the hormone treatments and move the fat around to its proper place on your Hips, thighs and butt. You will allow the hormones to do their work more efficiently if you are in good shape and if you are looking towards surgery in the future, you will be more likely to be accepted if you are healthy. The beer gut has to go!!!

  7. Makeup! Learning how to apply makeup properly will make a huge difference to your appearance. Makeup can take you from drab to fab! If you learn how to use it properly. You can check out the video tutorials on you-tube to get some idea of how to apply makeup and learn from magazines or blogs. But by far the best method to learn about makeup is to go to a pharmacy and have a makeover done. Yes its going to be uncomfortable and stressful the first time you go so take a friend if you can. The girls at the counter are usually lovely and will help you will all your needs. They will recommend the best foundation colour and other makeup choices that are best for you, saving you a lot of time and trouble buying the wrong shades of makeup. You will also be shown how to apply the makeup you are purchasing which can really help you on your way.

  8. Take care of your eyebrows! They can be a dead giveaway! Can you picture a girl with her hair and makeup perfect but she has a uni-brow or a couple of fuzzy dead animals on her forehead? Instantly you know there is something up, and so will others. Remember, it's the details that help us pass. So get your eyebrows waxed or tweeze them into a nice neat shape that will compliment your face nicely.

  9. Maintain a healthy diet! This will not only help you with number six but will also help your body properly absorb the hormones treatments. You will notice that the hormones help you put on extra weight so watch those calories. Your metabolism has changed so you can't eat the way you used too. There are so many benefits to a healthy died far and beyond just helping you transition. Your hair, skin and eyes with be bright with health. It will reduce the rick of cancer and other diseases related to hormone treatments. Help with depression and work to level out the mood swings you are going to experience as you go through your transition.

      These tips can help you work towards your goal of total Feminization and hopefully, make the journey a little easier. It's a long road that you are on so take it step by step, follow the advise of your doctor and remember to love yourself unconditionally. If you do, you will project a confidence and femininity that will draw people too you and proclaim to the world that here stands a woman!

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