When it comes to choosing the best acoustic electric guitar for fingerstyle and strumming, there are a ton of options! Some notable guitar brands to keep your eyes open for are: Fender, Silvertone, Epiphone, and Huntington! All of these brands offer a few guitars that can be deemed as amazing; however, Fender’s T Bucket can be deemed as the best acoustic/electric guitar for many reasons! One of the reasons is that it can be used to play songs using fingerstyle or strumming!

This article is geared towards exposing the many reasons that the Finder T Bucket is the best electric/acoustic guitar! I am not a sales representative at a music store, but I have played this guitar a handful of times!

The Fender T Bucket Weighs About 14 Pounds-Heavier Than Average

Experienced guitar players will understand the value of using a heavy guitar! Most mFender T Bucket 300CE Acoustic Electric GuitarCredit: Amazon.comusicians will automatically assume that it feels more comfortable to play a lightweight acoustic/electric guitar; however, people that actually strum on the guitar regularly will beg to differ!

The Fender T Bucket weighs in at about 14 pounds; this does not make it the heaviest guitar, but it is also far from the lightest! Playing the guitar is about using a pick or your fingers to strum through the strings; moreover, strumming through the strings of a lightweight guitar will cause the guitar to shift! With that being said, playing a guitar that weighs about 14 pounds will allow it the instrument to stay in the same place, and the chords to ring out nicely!

This Is The Best Acoustic Electric Guitar For Long Strumming Sessions Because It Has A Thinner Neck

I remember learning how to play the guitar and complaining about the pain in my left hand; this pain stemmed from the fact that my guitar had a very thick neck! Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the companies choose to incorporate thick necks iFender T Bucket Acoustic Electric Guitar With A Flame Maple TopCredit: Amazon.comnto their guitars because they will last much longer before cracking. However, Fender has chosen to use one of the strongest grains of wood to produce the neck of their T Bucket guitar! Using the strongest grain of wood (maple) allows them to produce the T Bucket with a thin neck that is strong enough to last at least 15 years!

A guitar with a thin neck will allow the musician to push harder on the frets, which will ultimately produce a better sound! Realistically, the T Bucket will not produce the sound for you...you must be a good guitar player in order to get the enhanced  sound that the guitar’s thin neck allows!

Fender Has Made The T Bucket An Extremely  Comfortable Acoustic Electric Guitar For All Types Of Playing

Some guitar players prefer to strum with a guitar pick, others prefer to use a thimble, and some even prefer to strum through the strings with bare fingers! In addition, there are a hFender T Bucket 400CE Acoustic Electric GuitarCredit: Amazon.comandful of guitar players that use a fingerstyle method that involves picking at each of the guitar strings individually.

The majority of guitars are meant for a specific type of strumming. For example, the Fender Starcaster produces the best sound when the musician strums through the strings with a guitar pick! However, Fender has produced the T Bucket with all types of musicians in mind. The Fender T Bucket is the most universal acoustic/electric guitar on the market! This instrument will produce an amazing sound whether you are strumming with a pick, finger, or thimble!

The Fender T Bucket Is Available In the 300CE, 400CE, and Dreadnought Models!

Fender is the best guitar company because they provide you with options when you are ready to buy one of their instruments. The T Bucket is available in 3 separate forms; you can choose to buy this guitar in the 300CE, 400CE, or Dreadnought form! The T Bucket 300CE and 400CE produce the same sound, but the 400CE comes with a few extra features. The main difference in sound lies between the previous two models and the T Bucket Dreadnaught guitar!

Fender’s T Bucket Dreadnaught is slightly deeper and heavier; moreover, this will produce a “full” sound when strumming through the chords as opposed to the slightly “thin” sound that the 300CE and 400CE guitars produce!

At the end of the day, the Fender T Bucket is just one of the many acoustic electric guitars that you can buy. I am by no means saying that you MUST buy the Fender T Bucket; there are plenty of guitars that produce an amazing sound, and you should choose the guitar that suits your needs as a musician! However, in my opinion, Fender’s T Bucket is the best acoustic electric guitar for fingerstyle and strumming!