image2014There are all kind of animals that people love to have as pets, but most of those wild animals are either dangerous or ugly. What are some good rare pets?


The fennec belongs to the fox family, it is actually the smallest fox measuring up to 16 in. long. Its long ears, which can measure up to 6 in. make the Fennec very lovable.
This lovely animal is native to North Africa, in the wild it feeds on whatever insect it can get, it eats scorpions rodents and even snakes! At home you should feed your Fennec with good quality dry food. If unsure about a particular food you should consult a veterinarian.

A pet Fennec can have a very long life, of up to 16 years if cared for properly, but remember that a Fennec is still a wild animal. Those who own a Fennec say that they make great pets with proper training.

If you are considering getting one you should know that they need an outdoor space which should be well fenced to prevent them from running away. Fennecs can also dig very deep and quickly.

The health of you fennec and your own should not be treated lightly. Make sure your Fennec gets all the vaccination required to keep it healthy and free from any disease that could be passed onto humans.

Before you rush to buy a Fennec please keep in mind that it may be illegal to own one in some states, including the State of California. Some States will grant a permit, but you must apply with the appropriate State office.

Baby Fennec by: deadstardro. CCL.