Feng shui is the eastern art of arranging your environment so it amplifies the good aspects of your life to increase the energy and well being you have.  The most important places that we need to put the principles into effect is out home and our office, since that is where we spend most of our time.

Wherever you go these days, you often see little pots of feng shiu bamboo plants.  I have seen them at the grocery store, the water store, home improvement stores, and home decorating stores.  Why are they considered lucky and how can they help us.

Feng Shui Bamboo PlantCredit: Amazon

After using the principles of feng shui to color and decorate the house, a person will still need to put some accents in.  Paying attention to the five elements of feng shui and incorporating all of them into the decorating scheme.  A properly prepared bamboo plant can help add the five elements to a room. 

Five Elements of Feng Shui In A Bamboo Plant

  1. Wood – The plant represents wood, as well as the green color.
  2. Earth – Sand, rocks, pebbles and clay represent the earth.   You can also represent the earth with brown.
  3. Water – The container is filled with water, and blue represents water
  4. Fire – Shades of red represent fire.  The pot or plant should be decorated with red.  Sometimes a red ribbon is tied around it for a simple addition of fire.
  5. Metal – A figurine or coin can be added to the arrangement to represent metal.  The metal colors like gold, silver, copper, brass, and bronze can also be used to represent metal.

Number of Stalks In Plant Arrangement

The number of stalks in the lucky bamboo plant arrangement also has meaning.  Select a number that has meaning to you or the person you are giving the gift to, or use a number for the attribute you wish to impart to the receiver or accent in your own life.

  • Lucky Bamboo PlantCredit: Amazon 1 – Simplicity
  • 2 – Good luck and happy relationships
  • 3 – Represents happiness, long life and wealth
  • 4 – Four is associated with death, so do buy or give as a present
  • 5 – Five is one for each area of your life
  • 6 – Represents good luck and attraction of greater health and prosperity
  •  7 – Better Health
  •  8 – Increased fertility
  • 9 – Give as a gift, wishing the receiver good luck
  • 10 – Complete and fulfilled
  • 11 – Luck in each aspect of life
  • 21 – Give as a gift to wish someone wealth and lasting health

These are sold on Amazon, but according to the reviews, the quality of the product received can vary greatly, so you might be better off buying these in person.  The majority of the reviews indicate happy buyers, but a significant minority were dissatisfied.

Feng Shui BambooCredit: Amazon

To care for your lucky bamboo plant, avoid the cold.  Temperatures should stay above 65 degrees.  Avoid direct sunlight which will burn the leaves.  Just keep the roots moist in a few inches of water, and replace the water every 7-10 days.  You can use water from the tap, if it is not too fluoridated. Try to leave the water sit overnight so the chlorine will evaporate out.  Use a liquid plant food every thirty days or so.

Make sure that after placing the bamboo plant in your house, you keep it watered and healthy.  To be effective, the plant needs to be healthy and vibrant.  You cannot expect an unhealthy feng shui bamboo plant to help you increase the health in your home.