Bamboo(106743)It has been estimated that we spend around one third of our lives in our bedroom. Each night for around an average of eight hours we take to our slumber and our brains will recharge and our body rests. We will dream each and every night and what we dream is often dictated by what is going on around us.

Your personal energy and karma are governed by the feng shui in your bedroom. If your bedroom is home to two people every night, in particular you and your partner, then it is important to your relationship and love energy that the room is comfortable for two people. Do not position the bed into one corner of the room. Access to the bed – both sides of the bed – must be readily and easily accessible to both of you.

Never position the bed behind the door and do not have just one night lamp. You need two lamps one on each side. It is important for each side of the bed to have some kind of balanced equality. Each one of you must feel equal and respected. This can be a challenge sometimes if one half of the relationship does not live permanently in the home but sleeps there only at weekends. He or she needs to feel like an equal and not like the home owner is ruling the roost.

If there are two of you in the bedroom then the balance needs to stretch beyond the bed too. The wardrobe in the bedroom acts as the place we all go to when we wake up, wash in the bathroom and return to the bedroom to get dressed. Is your wardrobe full of clothing for just one of the partners? If so, equal room must be allocated to both parties of the bedroom. Do you have the four basic elements represented within your bedroom - clean air (air purifier), running water (water fountain), crystals and wood (plants)? Believe it or not, if the energy in your bedroom is low and out of balance then it may affect your love relationship and even your sex life.

Colours play an important role in your bedroom to achieve the right feng shui balance. It is often not realized that colour can dramatically alter the patterns and energy of feng shui in your bedroom, or any other room for that matter. Passion and strong energy are both great choices for a bedroom which two people share; so go for a painted wall or posters that are rich in red, orange, purple, pink and canary yellow.