In Feng Shui Clutter is considered bad as it has the ability to depress and lower ones energy levels. It also prevents the free flow of Energy and causes disorder and confusion. In Feng shui Clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward in life. Clutter, in simple terms, represents the things or possessions that you either don't use any more or do not love. These can be possessions which we think one day would be useful, the broken items which we intend to repair someday, spares that we accumulate for a potential breakdown, unfinished projects or unwanted gifts. In Feng Shui there is a saying that nothing new can come into our lives unless we make room for it. Many of us feel that every piece of clutter we own are important that we cannot give it up. But if we do an analysis we can find that it is not so. Here are some Questions and Tips which can help us decide what Clutter is and what is not and how to manage Clutter.

1. Do I really need this? They are lot of things which we do not require or is of no utility to us. This is physical clutter we need to throw away.

2. When is the last time I have used this? If you haven't used it for over a year then it is obvious that those items are of no utility to you. An exception to this can be heirlooms or keepsake things like wedding gowns. Make sure you clean them and expose to sunlight as often as possible.

3. Can this be fixed or repaired? Throw away things like broken utensils, burned off bulbs etc. If you have a non working electronic appliance that is of utility to you repair it immediately.

4. Does this item have legal or tax purpose? Keep all the essential papers filed and organized and throw away everything that is not essential.

5. Is this affecting the Hygiene of the house? Getting sickness is often associated with unhygienic conditions. Do an intense cleaning of all the rooms of the house which also include appliances, cabinets, counts, flooring, roof etc.

6. Am I able to find things when I need it? Many times clutter interfere our lives so much that we cannot find things when we need it. Organize your belongings on the basis of their importance and type so that you can easily find it and throw away things which are not complete or which are of no use.

7. Did I buy it just because it was on sale? Do I already have something like this? Many of us do impulsive buying and accumulate things which we may never use. This is wasted money. So make sure to give things which you are not using to someone who can use it or sell it off to raise some money.

8. Is this going to be costly when I need to replace it? If you have not used something for a long time and keeping it in anticipation of a future event and is not costly it is better to toss it off. Items that are priceless emotionally or historically need not be thrown away. Things that don't have a definite date of use are better to be thrown away.

9. Am I going to need this item on a specific date or time every year? Do somewhere to store it? We normally store our warm clothes safely so that we can use them next year. Make sure that you even take such clothes and clean and expose to the Sun at least 3-4 times in a year.

10. In what way is this item making my life more purposeful or better? Things like photos, letters and gifts reminding you of an old broken relationship it is better thrown away as it can hinder you from moving forward in life.

11. Clutter can also be over stocked or unhealthy items in the freezer and items past expiry date.

12. Projects undone even after a long time. To make way for new work or project you have to complete the old one first.

So let us understand the Significance of Feng shui Clutter Clearing and make room for new things to flow into our lives.